Patrol Report

Thomas Catri, Chief of Patrol

An important reminder to all residents to kick start the new year off: when it comes time for you to dispatch contractors, schedule a visit from a family member or just have a guest stop in to SunBird, especially if it’s their first time, please remember to instruct them to go to the intersection of Riggs Road and Championship Drive and have them enter through the gates there. Our Patrol officers regularly park and monitor the Kerby Farms and Hunt Highway gates, which are to be entered only by SunBird residents and will observe too many unauthorized vehicles attempting to enter through those gates, many because their GPS (Global Positioning System) tells them to go there. By communicating this important information, it will eliminate a lot of frustration for them and help to prevent any unnecessary damage to our gates.

There is a new light that was installed at the top, between the entry and exit sides of the Hunt Highway and Championship Drive gate. It is a yellow flashing beacon type light/LED. The purpose of this device is to let the Patrol and our residents know that an emergency vehicle (fire truck or ambulance) has entered the community through that gate. After the emergency vehicle has passed through, the gate will remain fully open for approximately 30 minutes to allow all other emergency vehicles that may also be responding to enter our community. During this process, that yellow light will remain flashing until the gate closes. If you happen to see that the gate appears to be stuck open, please check to see if the yellow light is on and flashing. If the gate is stuck open with no flashing light, then please call the Patrol at 480-797-8605.

SunBird has many recreational amenities and social activities for residents and authorized renters and visitors. Sometimes it’s hard to know with so much transition of new and visiting residents who is authorized to use the SunBird facilities. As a reminder, new residents and renters need to check in at the SunBird Office to assist in updating our records and receive a SunBird identification card. This SunBird identification card authorizes use of the SunBird recreational amenities and allows access to some of the free dances.

The SunBird fitness room is one of SunBird’s most popular facilities. To use the fitness room, the SunBird identification card must be visible by lanyard or clothing clip. This helps SunBird identify authorized users, minimizes abuse of the facility and is very useful in the case of an accident. If you don’t have a SunBird identification card, please stop by the office to receive one.