Patrol Report

Ray Taylor

It’s been hot this year. Dry heat or not, it’s hot. Sometimes with hot weather conditions, drivers seem to have hotter tempers, but not this year. As of the time of the writing of this article, we have done very well so far – no major accidents. Our drivers for the most part are staying within the speed limit. This is a result of everyone being aware of what could happen if we don’t pay attention to what we are doing and where we are going. Neighbors are watching over each other’s property (not just their own) and being helpful to those who need or ask for help. Even with the hot conditions, residents are waving, smiling and greeting each other like family. The main idea of living in SunBird is to have fun and enjoy the SunBird experience.

I do have a minor amount of bad news. There were two bicycles stolen last month with only one being recovered. However, we did not find a brand new 29 inch bike. I can’t imagine why. This should tell you even though everything appears to be going well at SunBird, it could change quickly if you are the victim of a crime. Lock your bikes when not using them; lock your house when you leave it as well as your auto when you’re shopping. Also, don’t flash too much cash when in the stores. There are many people who would be tempted to take your items if you are not careful.

There is a good way to determine if you are being careful or not. Contact the Chandler Police Department Crime Prevention and determine if they are having any training classes to reduce the chance of you becoming a victim. Talk with a crime prevention officer or a member of that bureau directly. Members of other sections of the police department may or may not be aware of the location or time of the instructional classes. Drive safely and remember our motto: we have no place to go and plenty of time to get there!

Patrol July Report:

Vehicle parking violations 10

Recreational vehicles parking 5

Hours using speed radar gun 3

Vehicles complying w/limit 65

Vehicles exceeding speed limit 2

Failure to stop at sign 9

Unleashed dog/cat reports 3

Abusing facilities 0

Unauthorized visitor 0

Obnoxious behavior 0

Violating rules 2

Suspicious persons 5

Suspicious vehicles 2

Garage door left open 20

Theft reports 2 (bicycles)

Well check 3

Alarm response 0

Fire/medical assistance 1

Homeowner/guests assistance 85

Denied entry 53