Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

Lost pet or found pet. Let SunBird Patrol help you locate your lost dog. Lost dogs can travel quickly so it’s very important to notify the Patrol first. Your first call should be to the SunBird Patrol at 480-797-8605. Doing so will put the Patrol on the lookout for your pet and if someone happens to find your pet and call the Patrol, your pet can be returned to you. To help facilitate the search after your pet goes missing from your home, knock on your neighbors’ doors. Many happy reunions have occurred where dogs have been staying with a concerned neighbor just houses or blocks away. They are most likely looking for you, too. If you find a pet, the first thing you should do is call the SunBird Patrol. If we all work together we can get a lost pet back to its owner.

The SunBird Patrol will again be issuing and renewing parking permits after the 2015-16 permits expire on October 1, 2016. As a reminder to all of our property owners, residents and guests, per the Rules and Regulations Article 11 – Traffic Regulations, Section 2 Traffic Rules: Overnight parking in SunBird is defined as Midnight-6:00 a.m. and is only permitted under the following conditions:

Visitors, friends and relatives of owners or owners may park on the street if prior notification is given to the SunBird Patrol or by displaying a SunBird guest card on the driver’s side of the dashboard for less than 30 nights.

An owner may apply for a permit to park one vehicle on the street overnight if he/she meets the following criteria:

All vehicles must first make an effort to park in the garage, carport and/or driveway.

Garages or carports must be free of storage boxes or any other items not allowing space for vehicle parking. Garages or carports containing boxes or any other items preventing a vehicle to be parked in the garage/carport is not acceptable.

Maximum number of vehicles should be reasonable for the number of occupants.

Any vehicle that is granted a parking variance may not be wider than eight feet or longer than 22 feet.

Vehicle must be parked in such a manner as to not obstruct other traffic for safety reasons.

Vehicles must be parked in front of property that parking variance is issued to.

The cost for a variance is $5. Parking variances expire October 1 of every year. Any homeowner with a valid need for a variance will need to submit a new request to the HOA office at that time and pay the $5 fee, upon approval. The variance permit must be displayed on the rear view mirror. Unusual circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis by the Rules and Compliance Committee.

Questions about overnight parking and other SunBird parking rules should be directed to the SunBird Patrol  at 480-797-8605.