Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

It’s still hot outside, yep, and for about a few more months. Every now and then or here and there, Patrol will observe some residents out walking during the hottest part of the day. Just a personal safety reminder to those walking in our desert southwest extreme heat. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of water with you at all times. Carry an umbrella to provide you shade from the hot sun. If you need any help call us at 480-797-8605. If you see us, flag us down. If you are walking and in any kind of distress, we can assist you and get you to where you need to be.

Homeowners, be on the lookout. Year round, there are some shyster landscape contractors driving around SunBird that will attempt to convince you that a huge Saguaro cactus on your property needs to be removed ASAP. Here’s how it works. They will tell you that your cactus will fall over and for a few hundred dollars or more, they will dig it up for you and take it away. They may also in your presence pour a colored type of solution at the base of the cactus to convince you that it will die. If you fall for this, they leave with the cactus, and take it to a local nursery where they will sell it for approximately $5,000 to $10,000. These solicitors are scam artists. One company to beware of is called Sonoran Cactus. Call Patrol immediately if you suspect this may happen to you.

Homeowners Identification Cards. Be sure to have them with you when using the facilities. Upon request, please be patient and proud to present them when asked to do so by Patrol to verify the person’s entitlement to use the HOA facilities. SunBird Patrol is happy to work with our homeowners, guests and visitors to ensure the HOA facilities are used both appropriately and safely.