Patrol Report

Thomas Catri, Chief of Patrol

Feral cats, skunks and other wildlife hanging out in SunBird – it happens from time to time, most likely because of the availability of garbage not secured properly in containers; and some residents who choose to feed wildlife. Feeding wild animals, whether on purpose or not, does more harm than good. We know they’re cute and that they appear to be hungry, but feeding them can make them lose their natural fear of people. Once they learn that they can panhandle for food around your home or our Clubhouse, they can become a nuisance or even worse, a safety risk. For your enjoyment and personal safety and the safety of your dog, please refrain from feeding the wildlife.

We have had some reports of golf carts running stop signs and almost getting into some accidents with other carts and vehicles. Patrol has had to investigate and assist with a couple of accidents involving the operation of golf carts on our HOA streets. To keep everybody safe, some drivers of golf carts will benefit by brushing up on a few of the golf cart safety fundamentals.

Drive courteously and obey all vehicle traffic laws and rules of the road.

Always use hand signals to indicate your intent to turn.

Do not drive intoxicated.

Only carry the number of passengers for which there are seats.

Very important – don’t allow anyone to ride standing in the vehicle or on the back platform of the golf cart.

Always yield to pedestrians and be cognizant of larger motor vehicles.

Only licensed drivers are permitted to operate a motorized vehicle including golf carts, on HOA streets.

All owners and their guests, tenants and invitees are obligated to obey all Arizona state vehicle laws while within the boundaries of the SunBird HOA and may be issued a citation for failing to do so.