Patrol report

Thomas Catri

During the months of October and November, we’ve had the presence of census takers traveling throughout SunBird to complete their appropriate questionnaire. Knowing this, it made me want to do my own research to find out how many Americans there are 65 and older. Well, the number of senior citizens is on the rise and millions of those seniors are living independently, living alone. Patrol, every now and then, receives a call to conduct a welfare check on one of our residents who apparently is living alone but hasn’t been seen or heard from for a few days or so. We’re always hoping for a positive outcome, but sometimes a loved one fails to respond and about two to three hours later is discovered to unfortunately be deceased. I would just like to mention to our residents who live alone that friends, family and neighbors are important social contacts.

I wanted to suggest a couple of things to help increase the speed of a response to an in-house emergency. If you live alone, you’re never alone if you have Life Alert or some other medical alert system specifically designed to protect seniors and all family members in a home health emergency. Life Alert, for instance, can provide anyone with personal protection, especially for medical conditions and falls. The quicker the paramedics respond to an active emergency, the better the chance of minimizing the risk of permanent damage, disability, or even death. If Life Alert is not an option, the Chandler Police Department offers a free lock box to allow the police and fire personnel to get into your home if you’re alone, unconscious, or just unable to get to the door. It’s a rapid entry system that provides first responders with non-destructive emergency access to residential properties. For more information contact Life Alert at 1-800-522-3092. For the lock box contact a lock box coordinator at 480-782-4962.

With the Christmas season now in full swing and to also keep this Christmas season merry, I just want to remind everyone to always report suspicious activity or a crime in progress by first dialing 911 prior to calling Patrol. This is basically a standard practice at all times, but especially during Christmas and New Year’s. Wherever you are, thieves during the holiday season like to stalk and study their targets in hopes of a big score. SunBird residents know their HOA community better than anyone. If someone looks like they don’t belong or they’re up to something suspicious, chances are you are right.

It has been another great year and the Patrol staff very much appreciates and thanks all those who have made SunBird a super great place to live.

Have a very happy and safe holiday season!