Patrol Report

Tom Catri, Patrol Chief

Welcome, everyone, to our new season and to the best active adult community in the Valley of the Sun! Time flies, doesn’t it? How about…time is a thief? It’s amazing it’s fall again; if there’s really a fall season here in Chandler, but we’re not complaining, as there is not a better place to be in America than Chandler, Arizona, during the next six to seven months.

Did you now that in areas of the country where it is extremely cold that there is some truism that cold weather corresponds to a decrease in crime? Out here in the desert Southwest, we must always remain vigilant about our personal and residential security.

I’ve always been very interested in access control issues and gated communities are certainly an access control issue. Gated communities are becoming more popular and many people have abandoned their old neighborhoods to start new lives behind closed walls where they feel safe and secure. The main function of gates along with a perimeter fence is to provide a perception of safety and security, along with privacy, which means exclusivity, which has been known to increase home property values. Do you wonder if gates reduce crime? Yes, they certainly do. Gates and fences together actually do reduce unauthorized vehicle and foot traffic during the day and night. What many residents enjoy the most about living behind a gate and fence is the reduction of traffic. It definitely helps to keep the say…riff raff out. I mean, who wants random people driving in and out of SunBird?

Just a couple friendly reminders from your Patrol staff here at SunBird. With the opening of our newly remodeled pool and Jacuzzi, I can’t stress enough the importance of pool safety, especially with children! Adults, stay close, be alert and always watch children closely when they’re in or near any water! Keep it safe this winter and always drive carefully while in and out of SunBird. Driving safely is thinking safety!

Again, greetings to all our returning friends and neighbors! Call us – Patrol is here to help  you!