Palm Trees

ACC Committee

With summer approaching, it is almost time to begin trimming your palm trees. Please do not do them too early. The palm flowers will begin to come out around the end of May and June. After your palm flowers and the fruit sticks have grown out, this is the best time to trim your palm trees. If you are not here in June or July, please make arrangements to have someone trim your palm trees.

Palm trees only need to be trimmed when fronds (leaves) die off or are broken and brown, or when the tree begins to flower or fruit. This happens in June and July.

* Prune to remove dead or dying fronds (leaves)

* To remove potential fire hazards, especially near buildings or your home

* To prevent damage to buildings or homes during high winds

* To remove messy fruit, seeds and flowers

* To prevent breeding areas for scorpions and other rodents

Please trim your trees when necessary to keep your home and neighborhood clean and avoid the HOA from sending out letters, which is costly. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and maintain SunBird looking beautiful.

If you have any questions, please call Bonnie at 480-802-4901.