PAL update

Mary Scala

To all the members and friends of PAL: I’m back. Remember me? I’m the smart aleck who has been writing this column for the last couple of years. You know the person who thinks she has amused and informed you about PAL.

Well, I have been trying anyway. Your Board of Directors has agreed to continue bringing you the Opera, the Coffee Classics and the Theater and the bus. We know you don’t want to drive to Phoenix at night. Parking isn’t easy and is costly. Unfortunately we have to discontinue the Ballet due to the lack of interest.

You can become a member of PAL for only $10 a single or $15 a couple. Once you become a member, you can drive to Cottonwood and get on the bus for only $20 round trip. Just think about how easy that is; right to the door of the theater and then back to your waiting car. In five minutes you are home. So to become a member just send a check to PAL, P.O. Box 13051, Chandler, AZ.

I haven’t mentioned musicals as single events, but as soon as our theater person makes the arrangements, a letter will be sent to the membership. We are starting our theater season later this year and I hope you will be happy with our selections. Please sign on for several selections. Now, what else can I say? My masters or they who must be obeyed have had a couple of months off. I hope that puts them in a better frame of mind. Remember that old song, “Wishing can make it so. Just keep on wishing and cares will go.” I guess I will keep on wishing.

For information about Opera call Vera at 480-895-9679; for Coffee Classics call Lynn at 480-883-0671; and for Theater call Pat at 480-339-0283. For any other questions you can call Mary at 480-802-9354.