PAL May update

Mary Scala

Hello to my dear members and friends of PAL. I am sorry that I didn’t submit a column last month, but I was under the weather and I am apologizing to all my readers who can’t wait to read about poor little Mary and the wicked Board of Directors.

As it is now May, our season of Operas, Coffee Classics and Theater shows is drawing to a close. Our season is from June to June. So, thank goodness we have the summer off. Boy do I need a couple of months away from those who must be obeyed (BOD).

I want to confide in you my loving members that this season has been the best as far as how hard our Opera lady Vera and our Coffee Classics lady Lynn worked and how wonderful their events have been. Also, our Theater lady Pat, in spite of her surgery, has given us a sparkling season of shows and one-time events. Even Lois our membership lady doesn’t have any problems with them.

However, as I am the publicity person, it somehow turns the BOD into a big bad wolf and they want to turn me into a delicious meal. Don’t worry, dear readers, I am fighting as hard as I can to keep writing. I can assure you friends that they will not defeat me and I will be back next month with another chapter of the enemies of the universe and Mary Solo the brave and daring Star Wars heroine.