Overnight street parking variances

Reminder: All existing overnight street parking variances will expire annually the first of October. Any homeowner who continues to have a valid need for a variance will need to complete and submit a new request form prior to the end of September. Please review the criteria for overnight street parking, as listed below:

* All vehicles must first make an effort to park in the garage, carport and/or driveway.

* Garages or carports must be free of storage boxes or any other items not allowing space for vehicle parking. Garages or carports containing boxes or any other items preventing a vehicle to be parked in the garage/carport are not acceptable.

* Maximum number of vehicles should be reasonable for the number of occupants.

* Any vehicle that is granted a parking variance may not be wider than 8 feet or longer than 22 feet.

* For safety reasons, vehicle must be parked in such a manner as to not obstruct other traffic.

* Vehicle must be parked in front of property that parking variance is issued to.

* The cost for a variance is $5.00. Parking variances expire October 1 of every year. Any homeowner with a valid need for a variance will need to submit a new request to the HOA office prior to the end of September and pay the $5.00 fee, upon approval.

* Unusual circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Rules Compliance Committee.