Notice To All Returning Residents/Seasonal Renters

Bonnie Marcus, community administrator

I would like to welcome your return to SunBird. You were all missed.

The HOA office has remained busy with our existing year-round residents and the remodeling of the clubhouse.

I would like to remind everyone, when they return, to drop by the office to say hello. We will update your file showing that you are back and change your mailing address for the HOA mailings.

If you are a seasonal or a renter, we will need a copy of your new renter’s agreement and a copy of your driver’s license to provide you with a SunBird ID. By law, we do need to know who is occupying all homes at all times. If you need a blank renter’s agreement, you can find one on the SunBird website at; click on documents and scroll down to forms. You can also pick up a form at the HOA office. We can begin making seasonal cards now if you email or fax your rental agreements to 480-802-4917, and we will have them ready for your renters when they arrive. Typically, in January we are very busy checking in renters, and sometimes the line can get long. If we have the agreement ahead of time, it will save your renters from waiting in line.

Welcome back!