Notes from the SunBird Library


Lois Anderson

Most of the time when I write an article, I try to make it a fun read, but today I have some serious information for our readers. Our SunBird Library is one of our amenities at SunBird. All the thousands of books, puzzles and games that have been donated are free to use, to take home to use and to enjoy for however long you wish. We have some problems, however, when folks forget that they do not own the item and leave it at home, used, for months and months and forget to return it to the SunBird Library.

Some folks like to watch a movie or listen to an audio book but, again, they forget to return the item they borrowed. Worst of all, a movie or book holder case is returned EMPTY. The disc is probably still in their machine and will be found months later, and since the case is not found, the disc is not returned. If you find a disc in your machine, please, please return it. We keep the cases, just hoping that someone will return the disc and it can be put into its case for other library users.

If your pet decides to chew on one of our books, it can be left in pretty rough shape and unreadable. Should your pet be guilty of such mischief, please return the book with a note telling us what happened (not necessarily written by your animal) and teach your pet to chew on his/her toy instead. Books also get dropped in the pool, have coffee spilled upon them or pages get torn which causes them to become unreadable. Just return them and explain what happened, and we will repair what we can and we will understand that life happens.

By the way, if you have books to donate, stop by on any Friday morning between 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. when we have a Work Day, and we will gladly take your donation. If no volunteer is shelving books, take your contributions to the HOA office rather than leaving them on the return cart or on a counter. Tell the office your items are for the library, and they will save them for us. If items are just left unattended, they sometimes just walk away, and we will never know that you made a donation.

Now for some good news! Many books receive literary awards for excellence. Often, they get shelved and no one knows we have that book. Now we are marking award winners with a yellow jewel-like dot and placing them on the display shelves facing the entrance to the library. We hope many of you will look in this area and find these outstanding contributions to our library. Happy reading to all our readers!