Notes from the Board of Directors Meeting

Chuck Heitbrink, HOA Board Secretary

The board of directors met Monday, Sept. 25, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom.

Members present: Nancy Eckstein, Dirk Close, Dan Buescher, Bob Morris, Chuck Heitbrink, and Manager Layne Varney. Jim Anderson was excused.

The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Nancy Eckstein. There were over 50 residents in attendance.

The board reviewed the minutes of the May 23 business meetings and the July 12 and July 27 executive sessions. No additions or corrections were recommended. Minutes approved by common consent.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Nancy with the year-to-date results through July 2023. Year-to-date revenue of $1,887,272 and expenses of $1,617,399. Revenue over expenses year to date were $269,872. Total cash on hand at month end was $1,592,926 with the following funds:

Operating Account: $639,946

Contingency Fund: $377,307

Reserve Fund: $908,485

Capital Improvement Fund: $17,547

Golf & Comm. Beautification Fund: $20,285

The Treasurer’s Report was approved by common consent.

Layne presented the Manager’s Report.

Administration: We had 70 home sales through the month of July and an additional 10 in August, with a total of 80 as of the end of August on a plan of 120 for the year. The second half assessments were sent and due on July 15. Only one lot owner is currently delinquent.

Horizon Room: Health inspection was conducted earlier this month and prior to the scheduled deep cleaning. The Horizon Room received a great report. Congratulations to Julie and her staff. Challenges continue with maintaining a full staff. The Horizon Room revised some control procedures and updated locks, keys, and cameras. The new hours are Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. with the bar open 8 a.m. to 6/7 p.m. daily, or as events mandate.

Clubhouse: The ballroom roof was recovered; the floors stripped, treated, and resealed; and the stage cabinets and doors were restrained in the ballroom. Electrical circuit panels were updated for the ballroom and the Lapidary Room. Clubhouse carpets have been cleaned, the exterior of the clubhouse is scheduled to be power washed and the windows cleaned, the floor in the Navajo Room was cleaned and resealed, the Fitness Room equipment upholstery was replaced, the A/C unit for the library area was replaced, and the main motor and pump for the swimming pool was replaced.

Common Area: Many of the plants and cacti are struggling due to the extreme heat and lack of rain. The trees damaged in the recent storm have been removed. The summer landscape trimming cycle of the bushes and plants has started. The common area trees have been trimmed twice, and the palm trees were all trimmed by a contractor. The common area landscape has been treated with pre-emergent for weed control. Some of the discolored block walls of the perimeter of the property have been repainted.

Activities: Several activities have been scheduled through the summer, and many more are scheduled for the fall. A blood drive was scheduled for Oct. 10, and the second Flu Shot Clinic was scheduled for Oct. 17. The TAD entertainment show for Oct. 14 was rescheduled for Oct. 12 with the Shagwells.

Patrol: Three homes were broken into this summer, all within 10 homes of Oakmont and Kerby Farms Road intersection, and all were vacant for the summer months. The Chandler Police Department has investigated these break-ins. Notices were sent immediately to SunBird residents, and signs were posted at all entrances/exits to create awareness of the situation. The Arizona Rangers were notified and increased their patrol efforts, along with the SunBird Patrol. The neighbors became more involved and reported any suspicious activity. The automated emergency entrance gate at Waterview and Cooper is in operation and serving over 700 homes with significantly faster response time. The SunBird Lions were thanked for their donation of the emergency equipment for the gates for SunBird.

Committee Liaison Reports:

Architectural Control: Dirk reported that 140 permits were issued from May through August, and 19 additional permits have been issued for September. Residents were thanked for their removal of dead plants, and 27 letters were sent to lot owners concerning trimming of their palm trees.

Finance: Frank Nechvatal, chairman, reported that the committee met and reviewed the financials of July and the draft of next year’s budget. The committee recommended that the DNO insurance be reviewed based on current claims. They recommend that the board revise or delete Policy 21 and that the board extend another five-year contract to Butler Hansen to complete the Annual Audits for SunBird.

HOA/Golf Board: Nancy reported that the committee did not meet this month. Next meeting is Nov. 9.

Rules: Bob reported that committee member Pat Pacelli had resigned and was publicly thanked for her service. The committee continues to address speeding and other traffic violations in SunBird, The committee reviewed House Bill 2301 and made suggestions to revise our current policies. The board will address the recommended changes later in the agenda.

Project Review: Dan discussed the new windows in the Pool Room, the new railing on the Sunrise Court, the removal of the fountain and the new slab installed where the old fountain was located, and the new fountain features the Garden Club provided. The new quilt display case is nearing completion. Finally, the committee plans to refresh the post office.

Welcoming & Marketing: Chuck reported that the committee did not meet, and the next meeting was on Oct. 19, 2023.

Nancy moved to accept the recommendation of the Finance Committee and have SunBird HOA enter a second five-year contract with our current auditors, Butler Hansen, subject to review if concerns arise. Dirk seconded. Motion approved 5/0.

Chuck made a motion that Policy 21, Spending Limitations, be deleted, since Section 6.3B of the CC&Rs has priority over the policy that addresses the board’s spending limitations. Dirk seconded. Motion approved 5/0.

Dan asked Lisa Onyx to present the proposal for new patio furniture. Lisa recommended that five sets of two-person bistro furniture be purchased for the new pad in front of the outdoor stage and the stage area. The proposed product is metal and stackable when necessary. The chairs will not have cushions, for ease of maintenance. The approximate cost of the furniture is $2,000 and would be purchased when funds are available from the Capital Improvement Fund. Dan made a motion to accept the proposal for the new patio sets. Dirk seconded. Motion approved 5/0.

Committee Chair Marianna Buescher made the following recommendations to the Rules Compliance Manual for the board to consider and recommended approval:

Under General Information in the manual:

1. Door to Door political activity is now being allowed. The requirements stipulated in the bill to the manual in the General Section [current rules manual page 2].

The specific policy is bullet point 2, pulled verbatim from the House Bill. To summarize, it specifies that homeowners can go door to door from sunrise to sunset to campaign for or against association specific or non-association specific candidates, initiatives, or other political issues. All persons engaged in this activity must wear their identification badges. Non-homeowners going door to door must be accompanied by a homeowner, No one who is not an owner can engage in this activity alone. Solicitors may not leave anything (card, flyer, etc.) on anyone’s property or in any common area. The HOA requests a courtesy call when and where the campaign will take place, should the owner wish to engage in this activity.

2. Article V, Section 2.A [current rules manual page 16] should be changed to add language for peaceful assembly to Resident Functions. Homeowners may peacefully assemble in common areas of the community if a homeowner reserves the space. Groups may advertise these meetings in accordance with HOA policy.

3. Article V, Section 7.C [current rules manual page 24] “Signage/For Sale, For Rent signs” should be changed to reflect that For Sale signs may not exceed the industry standard of 18” x 24”. If a rider is present, this sign may not exceed 6” x 24”.

4. Article V, Section 7.D [current rules manual page 24] “Signage/Political signs” should be changed to include rules surrounding “Association Specific Political Signs.” These changes include the timeline for displaying these signs. The signs may be put up on the first Monday of October and must come down three days after the election is over on Nov. 18 (the election is final on Nov. 15 unless complications arise). Additionally, association specific political signs may use both sides for advertisements.

Under Section 2 – Special Events; A – Resident Functions. The committee stated (Flyers advertising the event or activity may be placed in the kiosk at the clubhouse or submitted to the newspaper, each group may notify its members via email or app, etc.). Nancy noted that this was inconsistent with Policy 23 and recommended the following “Flyers for the kiosk and articles for the newspaper must be sent to the Lifestyle Director for review and approval.”

Under sections C. For Sale/For Rent section and D. Political Signs, wording was added for clarification.

HOA Board Member Application must be changed to direct candidates to the Rules and Regulations Manual for rules about door-to-door campaigning in the “General Section” of the manual and “Article V, Section 7.D” for rules pertaining to signage.

Bob moved that the recommended changes to the Rules Compliance Manual regarding door-to-door solicitations, posting of flyers, newspaper articles, and signage be approved with the amended wording that flyers for the kiosk and articles for the newspaper “must be sent to the Lifestyle Director for review and approval effective Oct. 2, 2023.” Dirk seconded. Motion approved 5/0.

Bard Ott, representing the Election Committee, stated that all six candidates running for the board of directors were in good standing and eligible to serve. She introduced the candidates running for the board of directors. Each candidate would serve a three-year term. The candidates are David Edington, Chuck Heitbrink, Bob Lama, Michelle LeBlanc, William (Bill) Moore, Jr., and Christine Nechvatal. Nancy thanked the committee for their work and advised that the candidates would be available for a meet and greet following the board meeting on Oct. 23, 2023.

Layne reviewed the proposed budget for 2024. The dues would increase to $1,300 per lot owner. This represents slightly over a 5% increase accommodating for inflation. The budget for 2024 is as follows:

Budgeted Revenue: $3,420,600

Budgeted Expenses: $2,888,880

Difference: $531,720

The difference will be distributed to the following funds:

Reserve Fund: $387,720

Capital Improvement Fund: $60,000

Contingency Fund: $48,000

Community & Golf Fund: $36,000

Total Difference: $531,720

Copies of the budget were distributed to the homeowners. The final approval of the budget took place at the Oct. 23, 2023, board meeting.

Nancy advised the homeowners of the status of the ADRE Hearing filed by a homeowner. It was determined that the HOA could only use funds from the Community & Golf Fund to pay for the HOA’s portion of the Drainage issues, not the Contingency Fund, as the HOA had proposed. Another homeowner has filed litigation with the Superior Court concerning the funding of the Community & Golf Fund.

The comment sheets were reviewed by Layne.

Homeowners’ comments were made at the meeting and were either answered by the board or will be communicated back to the individual who raised the question at the meeting.

Board members thanked the residents for attending the first meeting of the fall season.

With no further business, President Nancy Eckstein adjourned the meeting at 11:18 a.m.

The next scheduled board business meeting is Monday, Nov. 27, at 10 a.m. in the ballroom. All are welcome to attend.