Notes from the Board Meetings

Board of Directors had a Business meeting on April 22, 2019, in the SunBird Ballroom. The following are notes from this meeting.

Members Present: Nancy Eckstein, Linda DiPalma, Shirley Clark, Dan Buescher, Gordon Lee and Layne Varney, General Manager

Members Not Present: Tammy Bachofner and Bob Moren

President Nancy Eckstein called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

It was announced that Bob Moren had resigned from the Board of Directors. This vacant position will be replaced at the next Board of Director election time beginning in October for remainder of the term of one year.

Review and Acceptance of March 25, 2019, Business; April 8, 2019, Agenda Planning Meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report – was presented by Layne Varney. March and first-quarter financial report was made resulting in a positive revenues over expenses. Treasurer Tammy Bachofner began the education of the financial operations with a monthly “Fact of Fiction” article that was distributed by email, SunBird News, website and copies available at the clubhouse. A revenue, expense and savings financial flow chart for SunBird was created to show where funding comes from and where it goes. This chart is displayed at the clubhouse and is on the website. Good response from residents regarding the information. Food and Beverage Task Force efforts from last summer has come to fruition over the past five months.

Manager’s Report – Layne Varney reported the collection status of notices sent; 61 courtesy, 31 second and 18 third. Turned off seven remote controls, five have since paid, two past due from January. Three past due without payment arrangements. 2019 State of Arizona Annual Corporation Commission report, 2018 Federal and State Annual Tax reports were all filed on time. Amended CC&Rs just approved by the membership has been recorded at the Maricopa County Recorder’s office and is now official. First quarter sales is the largest amount, increasing 8.3% over last year with each of the three months all breaking sales records. Actual Sales is over actual expense $10,433. Clubhouse Jacuzzi filter was replaced. Then the Jacuzzi heater quit operating and has since been repaired. Solar lights installed at Riggs and Cooper Road, lighting the new SunBird sign. First common area landscape of three plant and bush trimming cycles has started. Tree trimming scheduled for May.

Committee Liaison Reports Presented by Board Members.

Welcoming and Marketing Committees to meet together to coordinate efforts in getting more residents and renters involved.

Rules Compliance Committee report by Chairperson Chris Nechvatal – many ideas discussed of ways to improve traffic safety in SunBird.

Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee – various summer projects for 2019 reviewed including some new doors, new carpet and décor for the clubhouse.

Architectural Control Committee – reviewed home window tinting or film with various colors, suns shades and awnings

HOA/Golf Club Committee – Golf Club expressed concerns of future golf operations. Suggested that the HOA have a plan in place in the case of any possible problems. Golf Club reported they would be conducting some town hall meetings in the fall to share information about the golf course operations.

Letter from a SunBird resident was received requesting a waiver of the Contribution Capital Improvement Fee for all home sales in SunBird. No motion was made to approve the request, so the request was denied.

A new program, “Advanced Directive,” provided by the State of Arizona was presented for medical emergencies. Information about 1) Medical/Health-care Power of Attorney, 2) Mental Health Power of Attorney and 3) Living Will in the case of a medical emergency. After discussion, the Board voted to send this information with the next invoice mailing to SunBird residents.

SunBird Golf Club requested that the annual “Green-Up” letter for voluntary donations to assist with the winter grass expense be inserted with the next invoice mailing to SunBird residents. After review and discussion, the Board of Directors voted to approve this request.

Linda DiPalma reported on the progress of working with an interior designer to assist with the clubhouse. A plan will be prepared for options and ideas to update the overall appearance of the interior of the clubhouse. Some plans are anticipated to be presented at the May 20 business meeting.

Board of Directors will be attending an HOA educational meeting May 13 at the attorney’s office to learn more about HOA laws, leadership and ways to improve operations.

A petition was submitted regarding the Horizon Room.

Comment Sheet Review – Layne Varney

Homeowner/Director Comments

President Nancy Eckstein adjourned the meeting at 11:35 a.m.

No Board of Director meetings are scheduled for the summer: The next Agenda Planning meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 9, at 10:00 a.m. in the ballroom, and a Business Meeting Monday, September 23, at 10:00 a.m. in the ballroom. Have a Great Summer!