Notes from the February 27 Board of Directors meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Gordon Lee at 10:00 a.m. All board members were present. The minutes of the January 23 business meeting and executive session and the February 14 agenda planning and executive session meetings were approved.

Treasurer’s Report by Nancy Eckstein

Annual independent financial audit is in process with the final report to be made at the annual meeting of March 6.

Manager’s Report by Layne Varney

Going Green Committee

Shirley Clark reported a summary of the meeting of February 2. Promoting paper-shredding day of Friday, March 17, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. from the east clubhouse parking lot. The fabric textile fabric blue collection bin has been moved to the post office parking lot.

Rules Committee

Don Calvert reported a summary of the meeting of February 7. Stop signs to be added to the intersection of the Kerby Farms and Waterview Drive at Oakmont this summer. Instructor fees, associate member fees, street parking and recreational club fees and membership for outside residents was reviewed.

Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee

Dee Knoeppel-Brown reported a summary of the meeting of February 9. Reviewed Horizon Room kitchen remodel, patrol vehicle parking near the Riggs Road gate, ballroom patio and room upgrades, additional non-slip grips on stairways and cameras at the Hunt, Kerby Farms and Waterview gate areas.

ACC Committee

Pat McGonegle reported a summary of the meeting of February 8. More than normal applications for permits have been submitted and processed. Committee discussed the idea of the curb street addresses for homeowners.

Welcoming/Marketing Committee

Chuck Warren reported a summary of the new owners meeting. New owners meeting to be scheduled for this spring.

Finance Committee

Nancy Eckstein reported a summary of the meeting of February 7. Unaudited December financial report reviewed, meeting with the auditor planned, new minimum wage effects SunBird payroll and the Horizon significantly. Delinquency rate is down.

Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee

Recommended approval of a parking pad to be installed east of the block wall at the Riggs Road entryway. This will allow a space for patrol employees to park personal vehicles and eliminate some of the traffic obstruction at this intersection. Chuck Warren made a motion to approve this project, as recommended, in the amount of $5,800. Board and homeowner comments. Vote 7/0 motion carried.

Architectural Control Committee

Has been reviewing the idea of allowing residents to have the street addresses professionally painted on the curb in front of their homes for better visibility. After lengthy discussion regarding multiple approaches to this idea, Don Calvert made a motion to table this idea for further study.

The annual appointment of the committee membership was made with lists submitted by the committee liaisons and chairperson.

Architectural Control – Pat McGonegle (Chair), Russ Bower, Linda Dipalma, Jim Dolwick, Robyn Maynard, Bob Namon, Hal Reimer, George Richardson

Finance – Walt Mills, Ken Haslow, Royal Henry, Gil Knudtson, Joan Lemmons, Jim McCutcheon, Frank Nechvatal, Marlene Scartozzi

Going Green – Treva Christenson, Janelle Cernich, Juanita Harbut, Scott Smith, Mary West

Welcome/Marketing – John Brockish, Marsha Brockish, Toni Greisiger, Gary Metzger, Deanna Metzger, Margaret O’Brien, Ralph Goheen

Project Review and Long Range Planning – Bill Hook, Jack Loy, Margaret McCathern, Dave Meyers, Jerry Seiler, Dana Smith, Lee “Bing” Solomon, Rich VanderVeen

Rules Compliance – Chris Nechvatal, Marsha Brockish, Phyllis Brown, Toni Greisiger, Jack Loy, Frank Nechvatal, Marlene Scartozzi

Board approved all committee membership as listed.

Annual membership meeting agenda for March 6 was reviewed and approved.

SB Golf Inc requested a letter soliciting donations for winter additional grass overseeding for the highly-visible areas to be inserted with the second half assessment billing. Board approved this request.

2017 Board of Director Goals were compiled and finalized.

1) Continue the development and implementation of the Common Area Landscape Plan (Pat McGonegle)

2) Review By-Laws and Book of Governance (Don Calvert)

3) Develop a Master Plan for Policies, Rules, Bylaws and Book of Governance (Don Calvert)

4) Develop 2-4 long range goals for future years’ implementation (2019-2023) (Dee Brown-Knoeppel)

5) Develop a plan for identify and recruiting talented and “willing to serve” homeowners (Chuck Warren)

6) Conduct a study that will evaluate current activities provided to homeowners along with exploring what types of activities new homeowners are most interested in (Shirley Clark)

7) Conduct tours of at least two homeowners associations located in the Phoenix area (Nancy Eckstein)

Comment sheets reviewed. Homeowner and director comments provided.

With no further the business, the meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

The next board meeting will be an Agenda Planning on Monday, April 10, at 10:00 a.m. and a Business Meeting on Monday, April 24, at 10:00 a.m. in the ballroom.