Notes from the Board meeting

The April 25, 2016 Board meeting was called to order by President Gordon Lee at 6:00 p.m. All Board members were present. Treasurer’s Report was given by Don Calvert and the Manager’s Report was given by Layne Varney.

Committee Liaison Reports

Going Green Committee – Jean Pritchard reported that approximately 80-100 medical flash drives have been purchased by residents. They will be available for sale for $5 at the November Community Day.

Rules Committee

Nancy Eckstein reported the committee is continuing to research possible solar lights for the stop sign on Championship and Augusta. There was a discussion regarding some street signs that were not clearly visible when approaching the intersection. Members were asked to make note of those signs and report back to the committee.

Project Review Committee

Dee Brown-Knoeppel reported YTD home sales in March were 37 (28 budgeted) and through April 7, nine homes have sold. March through June, PRPC portion of home sales is $240. As of July the PRPC allocation will be $300 per sale when fee per home sale increases to $2000. This fee increase is primarily to increase capital improvement and replacement funds. Jerry Seiler presented a quote from Superior Aluminum Products for $1725 which includes 40 feet of railing, eight posts and two rails with rounded ends for a handrail at the north clubhouse entrance. Shirley Clark secured an updated quote from Phoenix Tent & Awning for $4757 for 15 feet by 30 feet awnings with a 30 degree angle for the south and west Lakeview Room awnings. Shirley Clark will contact the Garden Club for landscaping ideas for the Cooper/Riggs beautification and report at May meeting. Shirley had discussions with Layne about moving the 10 foot screen from the Ballroom to the Lakeview Room. A larger 16 foot by 12 foot screen would enhance presentations in the Ballroom. Shirley will investigate further and report back at May meeting. Jack Loy investigated increasing the number of handicap parking spaces on the north side of the clubhouse from four to six. He will provide further information at May meeting. Representative from SunBird Singers and church choir submitted a request to study adding sound to the rear (overflow) section of the Ballroom. Rich Vanderveen will look into the project. There is a need for stop sign at corner of Waterview and Sawgrass for safety of people trying to cross to the parking lot, particularly when golf carts are parked along south side of Waterview. Dave Meyers will investigate. The HOA Board does not meet during June, July and August. The PRPC will meet following the board schedule.

ACC Committee

Pat McGonegle reported the approved 37 permits in a two week period. The Committee is working on paint colors for homes. Approved colors have not changed in 10 years. Some of the existing colors are no longer available.

Marketing Committee

Chuck Warren reported that all the new owners to date have been contacted by the committee.

Finance Committee

Don Calvert reported the restaurant wages were down about $3,000 through February. They reviewed the change in CCIF contributions due to the approved increase by the Board.

Project Review Committee

Submitted their findings for the proposed grass area on Pebble Beach. After a long discussion, the committee was asked to come back to the Board with a sketch of the proposed grassy area with costs on what was submitted tonight; a sketch and costs for a smaller footprint of that area; and to survey the households surrounding the area for their input on the proposed project. No vote was taken.

Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to accept the Project Review Committee’s recommendation to purchase and install a handrail on the north entrance to the Clubhouse to improve handicapped access to the building in the amount of $1725. Motion passed 7-0.

Dee Brown-Knoeppel made a motion to accept the Project Review Committee’s recommendation to purchase and install an awning on the patio around the Lakeview Room in the amount of $4757. This awning would match the awning over the Horizon Room patio. Motion passed 7-0.

Kenneth Haslow was approved as a new member of the Finance Committee.

Food and Beverage Committee

Layne Varney gave an update on the committee. He reported that some of the ways to try to become more cost efficient was to cross train staff and reduce the number of staff. He also said that the Sunday buffet has been raised to $10. Portions on some of the menu items have been reduced. Some changes the Horizon Room will try during the summer is stop serving lunch at 2:00 p.m., add a light salad to the menu and possibly have the bartenders serve light foods such as hotdogs when the kitchen is closed. The formation of a Horizon Room Committee is being considered. Meetings with the various clubs to discuss catering their events will be held. The restaurant will be closed for deep cleaning during the time the golf course is closed for reseeding in the fall.

Board members reported on their tour of three east valley communities that they visited on April 21. Everyone agreed that SunBird is the best.

Jean Pritchard made a motion to approve the ballot for the Change of Use of the Land for Bocce Ball Court Project. The ballot was reviewed by our attorney. It will be sent out with the second half HOA assessment billing. A Special Board meeting will be held on July 18 to count and verify the results of the vote. Motion passed 7-0.

Don Calvert made a motion to include the golf club’s letter requesting donations for their over-seeding project in the mailing of the 2nd HOA assessment billing. Motion passed 7-0.

Chuck Warren made a motion to enter into a joint project recommended by the golf club to move sprinklers along SunBird Boulevard. Following a discussion regarding restrictions set by the CC&R’s regarding the HOA spending money on the golf course, Jean Pritchard moved to table this item in order to get clarification on the CC&R’s. Motion passed 6-0 with one abstaining to table this issue.

Chuck Warren made a motion to approve the road work bid in the amount of $234,453 and the schedule. The budgeted amount is $285,000. Unused money from the budgeted amount would be used for seal coating in areas designated in green on the map provided. Motion passed 7-0.

The Board of Director meetings will be in recess for the months of June through August. The next Agenda Planning meeting is Monday, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. and Business Meeting is Monday, September 26 at 10:00 a.m. All meetings are scheduled to meet in the Ballroom.