No Solicitation from Rules Committee

Chris Nechvatal, Rules Committee

This is the time of year for inside and outside repairs—roofs, painting, landscaping, air conditioners, and remodeling. Some of these contractors are local, and some are not. All are looking for their next job. But remember, “SunBird is a private community,” and solicitation is not allowed. This includes “the distribution of flyers, business cards, and any other type of advertising, whether it is door-to-door, placed on motorized vehicles, or given to an individual.” (Rules and Regulations Pamphlet—page 2, No. 1) If you are solicited, either personally or you get a flyer/business card, please contact SunBird Patrol at 797-8605 and give Patrol a heads-up about this infraction. Patrol will try to find the contractor and explain the rule and either get compliance or escort them out of the community.

Please do not confront these solicitors yourself. Simply say, “thank you,” and call Patrol. Remember, this is your community. Be vigilant and be safe!