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Hope conquers fear

Eric Ehst, Executive Director

You see it in the puppy’s eyes, the hope for a walk or a treat. There’s a sparkle of anticipation and joy, just waiting for fulfillment. Or maybe instead there’s the fear of getting a swat as punishment for that “mistake” on the rug. You can also see that anticipation in the eyes, but there’s no sparkle or joy.

If you look closely, you can see those same emotions reflected in the eyes of your neighbors. As we age our abilities change; eyesight, memory, physical capabilities all decline. When we can no longer drive, or sometimes even walk without assistance, we become imprisoned in our own homes, dependent on family, friends or inconvenient and expensive paid services. Some of us outlive our savings, forcing serious cutbacks. Yes, you can see the fear in the eyes of your neighbor who does not know how they will get to the doctor; get groceries or medicine; or even change a burned out light bulb.

At Neighbors Who Care we regularly see the fear in the faces of those looking for help. It’s the fear of the unknown; of losing one’s independence; of becoming dependent on others. That’s why we’re here, to take away that fear. Our volunteers provide the lifeline that allows people to remain independent, living in their own homes. In most cases, we can actually see the wondrous transformation as the fear drains away and turns to hope when we explain how their neighbors will be there to help when they need it. Our volunteers regularly see the hope, and even joy, in the faces of those they assist. That ride to the grocery store turns into an outing, a social occasion. The weekly visit becomes a time for games and laughter. The home-delivered hot meal is a treat, relieving the monotony of canned soup.

We also see the happiness in the eyes of the volunteers, both the reflected joy of the clients they help and the personal satisfaction they receive from helping. The volunteers often tell us that they get more pleasure out of the experience than those they aid. There’s also the sense of hope they receive from the feeling that they are a part of something great, an organization that will be there in the future when they or a family member need help.

Neighbors Who Care is an organization made up of regular people doing ordinary tasks that have an extraordinary and profound effect on the lives of those we help. We are the bringers of hope and the conquerors of fear.

Be sure to come out and meet some of these special people at our annual Community Fair from 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 22 at the southeast corner of Riggs Rd. and Alma School Rd. We’ll have food, music, and games for the family, a classic car show, the Cardinals’ Cheerleaders and much more.

To volunteer or to request help contact us at 480-895-7133;