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Values we can all agree on

Eric Ehst, Executive Director

If you watched the Big Game this year, you may have noticed a common theme among the ads. Many of them were less about the product being advertised than they were a showcase for the “values” of the company placing the ad. There were a few where it was actually difficult to figure out what they were selling. This is becoming common in a divided America where increasingly we decide what products to buy based more on the perceived political or moral stance of the company management than on the merits of the product itself. “Boycott ABC Company because the CEO gave money to that bad political candidate!” “Shop at XYZ because they support the cause you believe in!”

At Neighbors Who Care we are staunchly apolitical. We don’t sell products and we don’t endorse political candidates, but we do take a firm moral stance. Our 500 volunteers, regardless of political persuasion, faith, ethnicity, education or economic status, believe that their neighbors deserve the opportunity to live independently in their own homes, with pride and dignity, for as long as feasible. We feel called to do the simple little acts of kindness that make this possible.

Sophia, who lives alone and has no family in Arizona, provides a perfect example of Neighbors Who Care volunteers in action. When she was discharged from the hospital following a knee replacement, she was unable to walk or even get out of bed. NWC volunteers filled her prescriptions, shopped for medical supplies, drove her to follow-up appointments, called to check on her and delivered daily hot meals. After three weeks of volunteer support and physical therapy, she was feeling much better and was getting around using her walker. After four weeks, she was ready to get on with her life. Neighbors Who Care will continue to be there for her if she needs us.

If you’re ready to take a stand on the side of kindness and decency, we’re waiting for you. Your neighbors will be thrilled if you can volunteer a little time to help them stay in their own homes. It’s easy and there is no minimum commitment required. Even if you don’t have the time or are physically unable to volunteer yourself, we’d be really grateful if you could donate a little money to help keep us going. Our volunteers make it possible for us to perform $3 worth of services for every $1 we receive.

Stand up for values that we can all agree on! Visit our website at, or contact us at 480-895-7133.