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Volunteers Ginger Voltmer (left) and Dot McNulty gladly serve the neighbors in our community.

Taking a second bite of the cherry

Most of us are familiar with the saying, “Life is just a bowl of cherries.” But, have you ever heard the expression, “Take a second bite of the cherry”? Popular in the United Kingdom, this phrase refers to the opportunity for a second chance, which is certainly something we all could use from time to time.

Tim Drake, a 74-year-old British motivational speaker and author of the book, Generation Cherry, explains the meaning behind the phrase this way: “The first bite of a cherry is nice. But the second is even better. Having a second bite of the cherry means once you have one bite, you are not finished.”

If you are retired, or about to retire, you are already taking that second bite of a cherry, in terms of the next step in your life. But what are you doing with that big bowl of cherries in front of you? How are you planning to enjoy each bite? What will you do if the first bite didn’t quite taste as you had thought?

Consider Volunteering

As you think about all of the possibilities that retirement can bring — from golfing to quilting to traveling and more — you are looking at a virtual fruit salad of options. It might take a few bites before you find something that satisfies your appetite for a fulfilling retirement.

Volunteering is one such option to consider. At Neighbors Who Care, our volunteers lend a hand to seniors in our community who are unable to get along quite like they used to. And there are many who need our support. With our mission of helping the elderly live in their homes for as long as feasibly possible, our compassionate volunteers are at the heart of what we do.

Being an NWC volunteer is easy and offers flexibility based on your availability and interests. The services we provide to our clients — many of whom live alone — include transportation, dinner delivery, shopping/errands, friendly visiting and minor repairs. We can only offer these services free of charge because of the kindness of our volunteers.

The Cherry on Top

While you can imagine how much our clients appreciate what we do for them, the benefits to our volunteers are also incredibly rewarding. When helping our neighbors, volunteers tell us time and again about the intrinsically good feeling they get from doing something as simple as taking someone to the grocery store. It truly is the cherry on top!

Another Chance at a Medicare Advantage Plan

On another note, if you have recently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan but would like to see if another plan might better meet your needs, you may do so now through March 31. The Area Agency on Aging has available appointments on Friday afternoons at the Neighbors Who Care office in Sun Lakes to discuss your options.

If you would like to volunteer with Neighbors Who Care or schedule an appointment to discuss Medicare plans, please call our office at 480-895-7133. It’s never too late for a second bite of the cherry!