News From The Pro Shop

Gary Hodges, Head Pro

Well, July is here and the heat and humidity are here to stay. Just think back to how nice May was and believe it or not, some of you complained about how cold it was in May!

We have been updating the phone system and we are in the final stages. If you have called the Pro Shop lately, you’ve gotten the message our system has changed. If you haven’t listened to the entire recording, this is what you’ve missed:

Option 1 – Frost Line

Option 2 – Pro Shop

Option 3 – Course Maintenance

Option 4 – Restaurant

Option 5 – HOA

Option 6 – SunBird Patrol

Option 7 – Hours of Operation

Just something to be aware of when calling: if the Pro Shop doesn’t open till 6:30 a.m., the phone won’t start ringing till then. It will just go to voicemail. Feel free to leave a message as far as checking in but to make a tee time, you will need to call back when we are open.

Once again, if you are wanting to play golf later in the afternoon, try to make arrangements to pay before the Pro Shop closes. If you forget to pay, please call the Pro Shop and let us know you will come in the next day to pay. If you’re just needing your activity fee paid and you have money in prepaid, just leave that message and we will just deduct it.

Now to a touchy subject I have discussed with the president of the board. It is in regards to your extra day call-in for a number of our members. It is important to understand that the extra day gives individuals a favorable opportunity to get a tee time for their group, especially during our busy season. However, individual requests for specific starting holes may not be possible due to golf activity on that day. It is entirely the Pro Shop manager and staff’s decision to make hole assignments. We will accommodate when we can. Thanks for your understanding.

It will be Halloween before you know it, and ghosts and goblins will be back (our friends from the North). Enjoy the rest of your summer. Hope to see you on the course.