News From The Pro Shop

Gary Hodges, Head Pro

It’s already April; my how time flies; seems like only yesterday was New Year’s day and most of our friends from the North were just arriving. Well, some have already departed and others are packing to leave; have a safe journey and we will see you in the fall.

January through March weren’t our best months thanks to Mother Nature; lots of very cold weather and rain, but we are a strong community; we will move forward and rise to the occasion.

We have been stocking the shelves in the Pro Shop trying to get a good inventory for you to shop from. We are trying to keep a warm-up range in good shape with good range balls for you to practice with. Please keep the balls on the range and not in your carts. If there is interest in continuing clinics in April and May, please let me know and we will get them scheduled.

Finally, our summer schedule will take effect April 29th, where shot guns and tee times will begin at 7:00 a.m. Since the crowd is gone, and the heat has arrived, the Pro Shop will have shorter hours of operation.

Phone calls will be taken for tee times starting at 6:30, NOT 6:00a.m.

Our next Golf Tournament will be the Memorial Day Tournament, Monday May 27th.

Our summer rates will go into effect May 1st; check the Pro Shop for any specials.