New Year’s Resolution 2020

Dana Marrs

“This year, for sure, I will finally clean out my golf bag. I can’t find anything, and it weighs a ton!”

If Marie Kondo (author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) did golf bags, she would advise us to clear a spot and empty the entire contents of the bag. Every pocket. Every slot. Upend bag for the bits that somehow end up in the club slots. Now sort, eliminate, and eliminate again.

Put back only what you need. The golf gear in your bag is to get you through the round, not the whole season. (We will skip the “sparks joy” directive that Ms. Kondo likes to apply.) Minimize the clutter and snacks that you have collected over the years. Eight balls should get you through even the unluckiest round. Golf clubs on time-out should be left in the garage. That club can earn her way back in the bag but should earn it on the driving range. Once you have whittled down the items, you will need to find a permanent home for each one. Remember to dedicate one easy access pocket for the five essential categories you will need to play golf: two new/newer marked golf balls, two tees, one glove, two markers (one should be flat), and a pencil. Find an exact home for each club, and return the club to her permanent home after use. Designate permanent locations for all bag contents.

Face 2020 with just what you need—in a place where you can find it.

So, Lady 18ers, mark your calendars for a busy spring:

2/04 – Golf, lunch, and general meeting

2/09 – Ladies Gross Shoot Out

2/11 and 2/18 – SunBird Cup

3/03 – Golf, lunch, and annual meeting

3/08 – Couples Net Shoot Out