New Adventures in Learning Sample the Possiblities

Liz Morque

Have you heard about New Adventures in Learning and wondered what it is all about? Well, don’t stay on the sidelines – jump in and discover all the fun. New Adventures is the adult learning program located in the Chandler-Gilbert Community College on the corner of Alma School and Riggs Road. It is a volunteer organization supported by its over 500 members. If you are looking for a way to satisfy your love of learning, make new friends, and increase your knowledge, these classes are for you.

New Adventures offers over 90 classes per term in a wide variety of subject areas. The classes are taught by volunteers with special expertise in their area. The following is a small sample of some of the subject areas, the class offering, and the teachers who present them.

Science: Understanding the Universe – Marty Klemes

Exploring the development of the universe from the Big Bang until the universe becomes visible; this period lasted 500,000 years, at which time atoms could form. Most of this course deals with the first 10 minutes after the Big Bang where the character of the universe was determined.

Marty Klemes was educated at NYU’s School of Engineering and was Director of Engineering at two major aerospace companies. He has been a presenter for the last 10 years.

History: The Anatomy of Treachery – America’s First 9/11 – Tony Contrabasso

Seventy-five years ago, on December 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor was the culmination of a series of provocations heaped upon the U.S. by Japan since the early 1900s. This class will delve into these events that occurred on “The Day of Infamy.”

Tony Contrabasso has presented a series of classes at New Adventures. He has done extensive reading and studying about the War in the Pacific, its causes and its strategy.

Theater: Shakespeare’s Hamlet – Carolyn Leja

Shakespeare is the greatest playwright of the English language, but let’s face it the work is over 400 years old and hard to follow. This class will focus on giving you the skills to understand the play. Archaic language will be explained and contemporary history for the time of the play discussed. There will be a showing of the play on the second and third sessions.

Carolyn Leja has been a presenter at New Adventures since 2013.

In addition there are classes in music, the iPhone and Android, health, social responsibility, finance, and round table discussions. There is something for everyone.

Please contact New Adventures for more information at 480-857-5500 or visit our web site at