New Adventures in Learning: Meet our Governing Council

Kyle Messner

Interested in learning something new? At New Adventures in Learning (NAIL), in conjunction with Chandler/Gilbert Community College (CGCC), we’re dedicated to providing programs that empower individuals to embrace curiosity, pursue their passions, and embrace lifelong growth and development. Leading this effort is our Governing Council, a dedicated group of individuals who generously volunteer their time and expertise to enable your success.

The council members for the 2023-24 academic year are Kyle Messner (president), Virginia Allen (president-elect), Bill Haskell (treasurer), Rob Truman (past president), Gene Lariviere (membership), Susan Lockwood-Knaus (curriculum), Jack Baur (scheduling), Larry Noser (presenter support), Richard Lewin (publicity), and Mark Schufletowski (CGCC database specialist). Our council members come from diverse backgrounds and professional endeavors, including but not limited to linguistics, education, medicine, finance, social work, law, information technology, health and wellness—and also from that most valuable school of all, practical experience. This broad range of perspectives allows for well-rounded decision-making that considers the interests of our students (you!), the sustainability of our classes and programs, and the overall impact for our Chandler/Gilbert community.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a passionate and qualified group leading the way. To learn more about our council members and their backgrounds and the broad range of classes available to you, please visit our website at or call Vincenza at 480-857-5500.