Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Bobbie Reed will address viruses, immunity, and vaccines in her March class, by the same name, for New Adventures.

Bobbie Reed will address viruses, immunity, and vaccines in her March class, by the same name, for New Adventures.

Mary Kenny

Are you curious? Are you intrigued by new activities? Do you ponder, wonder, muse about life? If you feel that knowing about the world enriches your life, then a New Adventures (NA) in Learning membership is perfect for you!

New Adventures, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Chandler-Gilbert Community College, is a lifelong learning program that provides older adults with a way to keep expanding our horizons. We count on NA to provide classes year-round that challenge us to keep growing strong mentally and personally. With no grades, no tests, no homework, you, too, can take classes for the joy of learning … lifelong learning, that is!

As a member of New Adventures, you can register for as many classes as you wish. Most meet one time for 90 minutes. And the wide range of classes offered each semester by volunteer instructors is sure to open new doors and new landscapes for you.

Right now, you can take classes safely at home via Zoom and still interact with instructors and other participants. Looking forward to safer times, we will return to the classroom where members meet others with similar interests, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

The spring semester is now underway, and there are nearly 60 classes being offered through April. Our spring classes include:

“An Intro to Fitness after 50” by Betsy Whaley-Dyson. This two-part class is offered several times again this semester.

“Peach Ice Cream to Die For—The Story of Typhoid Mary” by Gene Lariviere

“Social Security News and Updates” by Jack Burns.

“Understanding Alternative Investments” by Laurie Simons

And our last example is one of two classes to be presented by Bobbie Reed who also plays a key role on the NA Executive Council. We focus now on Bobbie’s class on “Viruses, Immunity, and Vaccines.” Her class will clarify virus and immunity issues we all have questions about. Questions like this: “If a vaccine is 90% effective, does that mean there is a 10% chance of getting the virus even if you’ve had a vaccine?” Good question. Her answer clarifies that it means 90% of people receiving it have some benefit, such as not getting the disease or getting a much milder case.

Sign up for her class for more information from this presenter with a strong background in health science. And check our curriculum guide online for a complete list of classes along with descriptions.

Also use our website to register. On NA’s home page, select “Classes” in the box on the left. You can opt for a class list or for the curriculum guide which includes additional information you will want for registration. The procedure for registering is clarified in this “Classes” section. For newcomers, that registration process begins with contacting Vincenza Heisler. Current members can follow the website directions. And even for seasoned members, Vincenza is a great contact if help is needed. Contact NA by email at [email protected] or call 480-857-5500.