NAIL: 60 Classes to Take at Home

Betsy Dyson's upcoming class helps adults over 50 regain and maintain fitness.

Betsy Dyson’s upcoming class helps adults over 50 regain and maintain fitness.

Mary Kenny

Staying interested in new ideas or just engaging with others can be a challenge in the best of times, but with the pandemic keeping most of us at home more hours than we like, there’s a way to enjoy learning that is safe and fun.

New Adventures in Learning is offering its spring semester via Zoom, a safe way to participate in one of 60 classes offered from February through April.

Using Zoom to participate in a class is easy. If you haven’t tried Zoom before and want to get started, go to New Adventures’ instructional video at Still need help? Our tech team can assist. Simply call us at 480-857-5500 to get started.

If you know how to use Zoom and aren’t sure about taking a class online, read what others said about their experience during our Fall 2020 semester when we offered our first online classes:

* “I found these classes were excellent. What a great idea to do these online classes.”

* “Fills a big void in my days in the house, and I learn a lot.”

* “I was wary about signing up … I was pleasantly surprised by enjoying the courses better than I expected. I look forward to the spring schedule.”

* “I thought the preparation for setting up the Zoom meeting was done well and familiarized participants with how easy it is to attend and be safe.”

* “Overall, I thought the presenters and the system backup personnel did an outstanding job. I would have no problem continuing this format.”

* “Zoom allows those who can’t travel to class to participate—even snowbirds, whether here or ‘abroad.’”

While there are many benefits to being in a classroom together, we are confident you’ll enjoy the online presentations which still allow for discussion, questions, and comments while you remain safe at home.

Some of the upcoming classes via Zoom include:

* North American B-25: “Mitchell”

* Declutter Your Digital Devices

* The Roaring Twenties

* Viruses, Immunity, and Vaccines

* Peach Ice Cream to Die For—The Story of Typhoid Mary

This month, our spotlight is on Betsy Whaley-Dyson who is presenting “An Intro to Fitness after 50.” Actually, she has presented this two-part class several times. And reports following her classes prove that even a fitness class can be successful on Zoom.

It has never been more important to stay active! Betsy believes fitness should be a priority for those of us over 50, simply because we want to remain active for those we love, to continue making memories with friends and family, and because our freedom is found in muscles and joints that move easily.

Members can enroll in one of Betsy’s upcoming classes to begin the journey to rebalance the body, get back flexibility, and feel strong. She’ll help each of us learn, with time and patience, to regain the feeling of fitness.

To view New Adventures’ Curriculum Guide and register for class, go to For assistance, call 480-857-5500.