My Hero, Jo Frasure

Charlie Alley

Early Saturday, July 30, I decided to plant a plant in my yard. Using a sharp carpet knife, I cut into the plastic container. Somehow the knife slipped and punctured my radial artery in my left wrist. Immediately, blood spurted a foot into the air. I covered the wound with my right thumb. Now, I could not call 911 or even use my phone, because I could not release my thumb. (I learned later that you can pass out in three seconds and bleed out in 90 seconds if you cut your radial artery.) My hero and neighbor was home—Jo Frasure. She gave me a towel to wrap my wrist and got me in her car. At speeds over 60 m.p.h. and bleeding on her car seat, she got me to the emergency room. There they controlled the bleeding and sent me by ambulance to Dignity Hospital in Chandler. The vascular surgeon repaired the artery Saturday evening.

We never know when an emergency can arise. I am so glad I have great neighbors and that I live in such a close-knit, friendly community. I love living in SunBird. I look forward to being able to play softball and golf soon.