Message from the President of New Adventures in Learning

Bill Haskell, President of New Adventures' Governing Council

Bill Haskell, President of New Adventures’ Governing Council

Bill Haskell, President of New Adventures’ Governing Council

Since last month’s article, the pace of New Adventures’ implementation of the Zoom online, distance learning, video-based platform has accelerated.  We are now on schedule to go live with 20 to 30 classes for the fall semester, beginning in early October. While the number of courses is down from the traditional number of fall semester offerings, the goal is to have a successful learning experience as well as to shake down this new learning environment. The fall semester will be used to verify that all the supporting practices, procedures, and technical support volunteers required to make Zoom effective are functioning as planned.

During August, the News Adventures’ Zoom implementation team will have offered training sessions for both our presenters and the volunteers who will be providing technical support. In September, the same team will be providing training sessions for our members. In addition, there will be several refresher classes for members each semester.

It is New Adventures’ hope that this pandemic will gradually subside to the point where Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) feels that it is safe to reopen their Sun Lakes Center. Regardless of CGCC’s decision and in an abundance of caution, New Adventures is prepared to continue using the Zoom platform for classes for the foreseeable future. Zoom might be the sole learning platform, or it could be used in conjunction with in-person courses.

Questions can be directed to 480-857-5500 or [email protected]