Message from the President of New Adventures in Learning

Bill Haskell, president of New Adventures Governing Council

Bill Haskell, president of New Adventures Governing Council

Bill Haskell, President, New Adventures Governing Council

In June, the New Adventures Governing Council decided to utilize the Zoom application as its online learning platform. Given the decision by Chandler Gilbert Community College to keep the Sun Lakes Center closed until January 2021, the Council’s only recourse to continue providing rewarding classes is to move to an online learning platform. Zoom provides this capability over a variety of computer desktop and mobile devices. The possibility exists that New Adventures will be able to only offer online learning opportunities for several semesters in 2021, depending on the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An ad hoc team has been working diligently to learn all of Zoom’s features and to thoroughly test the platform through a pilot program. The team’s plan is to utilize this teaching medium for the fall semester, starting near the end of September or early October. During the months of July and August, the team will conduct a limited pilot involving several presenters and a select group of New Adventures members to “shake out” most of the issues that might arise from switching from in-person to online learning. At the same time, another group of team members will be developing training aids to assist both presenters and members in gaining familiarity with Zoom’s many features and functions.

Keep watching this newspaper for future developments as we get closer to the late September start date. It is the Council’s goal that New Adventures continue offering robust and entertaining courses using Zoom online learning.

Questions can be directed to 480-857-5500 or [email protected]