Message from the HOA Board of Directors

Nancy Eckstein, HOA Board President

Less than three months ago, SunBird was having one of its best years ever with activities, concerts, shows, recreational events, and with fantastic weather, and then all of the sudden we were ordered to shut it all down—COVID-19. The Board of Directors and management team are following orders of Arizona State Governor Doug Ducey and his staff of medical professionals. SunBird has been preparing for when the time comes to open.

It is anticipated that the opening of SunBird facilities and services will be conducted in orderly, controlled phases, but that can change depending on the governor’s guidelines. The governor’s decisions are based on many factors, from data collected regarding the contracted virus cases, fatalities, available medical facilities, and healthcare staff on hand to administer to those needing attention, and many other factors.

At this point in time, no one really knows when this virus will be completely gone or better controlled. It is our hope that this virus crisis ends soon so SunBird can return to the fun, active place it has always been. We strongly encourage everyone’s compliance to whatever new restrictions are in place. It is our wish that everyone stays safe and healthy.