Men’s Golf Club News

Scott Moore

Happy New Year to all from the Sunbird Men’s Golf Club!

Starting the year off on a sad note, we lost a long-time member, good golfer, and good friend last month when Jim Seaman passed away. Jim will be missed by all. His wife Joan is in Sunbird, and his son Jeff is a member of the club, so please remember to visit them often.

For those who missed it, our 2021 Welcome Back Luncheon was a huge success. Joe Turley and his Horizon Room staff provided lunch for close to 60 members on the patio. Joe made pulled pork sandwiches with homemade potato salad and fresh baked buns (yeah really, the buns were fresh baked that morning in the kitchen). Everything was delish! Thanks to Joe, and let’s be sure we support the Horizon Room and this new great food service. I sit here on Dec. 6, writing about this old news from November and y’all won’t read this until the first of January or so—about as goofy as my golf game!

More old news: Although not an official Men’s Club function, many Men’s Club members participated in the November CRAB tournament and auction. The auction itself was well-supported by both those who donated, as well as those who participated in the bidding and purchasing. All the money raised at the auction will be used for upgrading areas of the golf course this year.

President Dean Huyghebaert ran the Executive meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7. Below are the more notable issues discussed in the meeting:

1. Treasurer Patrick Leach gave the financial report. Patrick is projecting the Men’s Club to end the 2022 season slightly in the red. He works on this monthly, so he may find a way to get us even yet, but he has to project based on income and expenses outside of his control. Patrick throws nickels around like manhole covers, so even slightly in the red is an accomplishment!

2. After further consideration, it was decided that it is not economically feasible for the Men’s Club to participate in Home and Home tournaments.

3. Don Hunt proposed, and the committee approved, a new/revised Hole-In-One game pot for Thursdays that will pay out $100 for Aces—be sure you are in if you are playing in Men’s on Thursdays!

4. The schedules are posted on the board for all the upcoming tournaments, including Founders Cup and the Lions tournaments.

Sandbaggers Roll Call:

There have been no Hole-In-Ones in Men’s League for quite a while, however, members Neil Donaldson and Wayne Onyx each got one last month. Neil’s was in Rattlesnakes on hole #14, right across from his house, and Wayne’s was in Friday Couples on hole #17. Congratulations to both Neil and Wayne. May I suggest you guys try to save those for a Thursday so some of us Men’s Club members could enjoy a free drink on you!