Men’s Club

Scott Moore

Thursday play for the SunBird Men’s Club is well underway as of the 2023 new year. The second monthly Men’s Club meeting was held on Dec. 6. The turnout was good, with 35 to 40 members in attendance. Keep in mind these meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month in the ballroom. They are a good time to chat with friends while also hearing the latest news, etc., from the board, as well as wash down a couple of free donuts with some Ken Cross brewed coffee.

Below are a number of the more notable issues discussed in the November meeting:

1. SunBird Men’s Golf Club has 12 new members: Jim Pung, John Vouras, Ron Norgard, Melvin Terechenok, Mark Geurkink, Mike Watkins, Kelly Kintz, Guy Lund, Jim Gibson, Mike Densham, Jimmy Torbett, and Royal Deland.

2. The Executive Committee is considering changing the annual welcome back luncheon to a pre-tee time breakfast format for 2023. The thought is that this would better allow for a larger group of members to socialize over a meal for the event now that we don’t have a shotgun start and all golfers finishing at the same time (as we had prior to 2022). Feedback is being sought from the general Men’s Club membership on this topic.

3. Jack Cooper is working on details with Springfield for the March 2023 Riggs Road Cup tournament.

4. The Men’s shoot-out will have two qualifying dates. These are posted on the board outside the Pro Shop.

5. The Men’s Summer League needs an organizer-lead person for 2023. Please see Jack Cooper, Buzz Curran, or Wayne Onyx if you are willing to help this summer. Before rushing to see either of these gents to volunteer to help with this, though, you will need to meet the qualification test: you must be a full-time resident to apply!

I still have nothing to add to the Sandbagger section of the newsletter. I’ll close out with this information: There still have been no Men’s Club Aces for about two years as of this Dec. 7 writing. Don Hunt keeps collecting money but has not had to pay anything out. There is a tidy little sum in the hole-in-one pot. We should all be a bit concerned if Don and Shirley disappear for an extended vacation. Let any SBMG board member know if you hear of either of them planning anything.

This should certainly trigger multiple holes-in-one now!