Men’s Club Publicity/Newsletter – March Results

Scott Moore

My, how time flies here at SunBird! This is the March newsletter that we won’t even get to read until the beginning of April. By that time, some of our part-timers will be starting to head north to play a bit of warmer outdoor hockey. This all has gone faster than one of my “I’m really playing good right now” stretches. Those generally last two to three rounds at best for me.

The new Executive Committee was seated during the March 2 meeting. Here is the new Men’s Club Executive Committee:

* President Dean Huyghebart

* Vice President Buzz Curran

* Treasurer Patrick Leach

* Secretary Gordon Olson

Congratulations and thank you to these four fine individuals! They are the ones who get to sit at the head table every month during the regular meetings. I know all four are proud to serve in these capacities. In fact, Dean just couldn’t let go of the gavel during his first meeting as president!

I think it is appropriate to also mention this year’s supporting cast to the Executive Committee. Their names and responsibilities are:

* Membership Fred Garmeson

* Tournament Chair Don Hunt and Gary Whistler

* Home and Home Chair Jack Cooper and Glen Ketchum

* Publicity Chair and Social Chair Scott Moore

* Shootout Chair Gary Whistler

* Rules Chair Dave White

* Hole-in-One Chair Don Hunt

Here are some of the other highlights from the March 2 executive meeting, some of which will be old news by the time you read this:

* After further review, a year-end Men’s/Ladies step-aside tournament was scheduled for Friday, March 26. Lunch was provided by the caterer for the February Bandit and Founders Day tournaments.

* The SunBird Golf Club has decided to convert Saturdays from shotgun to tee times, beginning on April 3.

* Tee times for the summer season will begin at 6:30 (that’s a.m.) starting on April 11 (note: Don’t be looking for Scott or Chery Moore in those early tee times!).

* Hoping life all around is more normal later this year, the Men’s Club hopes to have our usual welcome back luncheon this coming November, as well as the much-missed shootouts and home tournaments. Stay tuned.

Sandbaggers Corner:

* Dave White won the Gross Match Play. He doesn’t really belong in the Sandbaggers Corner section, but I had nowhere else to recognize him. Now for all the recent Net contests winners:

* Match Play Net: Dean Tucker, Earl Walker, Lou Lepore, Dan Jensen

* Club Championship: Bob Gerber

* SunBird Open: Earl Walker wins after playoff with Patrick Leach (I checked this twice).

Congratulations to all of you!

Regarding recent Hole-in-One news, things have been rather dry on the Men’s side. The best I can do is mention Jim Seaman. Jim did diddley, but his wife Joan recorded an Ace on hole 14 on March 2. Congrats, Joan!