Men’s Club Publicity/Newsletter for February 2021

Scott Moore

As you probably noticed, there was no Men’s Club newsletter in the February SunBird News. No worries—we will make this newsletter the February-March Mulligan edition! Below are the notable issues discussed in the January Executive Committee meeting:

1. Bob Johns had to resign his position as board president. Patrick Leach graciously assumed the role of interim president until Dean Huyghebaert steps into his elected role on April 1, 2021. (Dean is evidently very popular in the Men’s Club—he won the vote in a landslide. Congratulations, Dean!)

2. Last month, we listed the upcoming dates for the Men’s Gross and Net tournament play for 2021. After discussion at our executive meeting, we decided to forgo these events for 2021 due to the COVID awareness as there was no way to keep spectators socially distanced from one another as they followed the tournament participants from hole to hole. After reviewing things with the Lady’s Club, it was agreed to also cancel the Couples shootout this year.

3. Last month we also discussed the potential revenue impact of our new partnership with GOLFNOW as it relates to holding Men’s and Lady’s shootout qualifiers and championships. For shootout events, SunBird Golf Club (SGC) gives up approximately nine tee times during weekend prime time play. From a revenue point of view to the SGC, this is a potential loss of just over $1,000 (nine tee times x four golfers per tee time = $1,260) per day of outside revenue. Between the Gross and Net shootout events, that’s over $6,000. This was not an issue in past years as the tee sheet had open times to accommodate the shootouts. The Pro Shop’s ability to now sell these open tee times to the general public through GOLFNOW has been instrumental in being able to create and realize this new and much needed income for SGC. We will be developing new, shorter shootout formats for 2022.

Below are the significant topics discussed during the February Executive Board meeting:

1. Due to the COVID issue, the board decided not to hold the annual Men’s-Ladies’ end of season luncheon. Patrick promises that next year’s will be a doozy!

2. The Pro Shop is running very low on range ball tokens and ball baskets. The tokens cost 75 cents each, and range ball basket replacements are $8 each. Please use your tokens up and return the baskets so they don’t run so short that they have to spend money for replacements. In my own words, please don’t hoard these like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and bottled water!

Sandbaggers Corner:

December results had Wayne Onyx’s name a lot. Thankfully, his already-low handicap dropped further to allow for new names in January.

There were no Aces for December or January. Fred Nixon must be in a slump!