Men’s Club Golf Newsletter

Scott Moore

Well, this Men’s Club golf season went by quickly. It will be interesting as to whether the season is most remembered for the COVID restrictions or for all the windy days! Certainly, due to COVID, we missed seeing several Men’s Club regulars and hope those people can return in the fall.

The Golf Club received some exceptionally good news on April 1, that the proposal to amend the CC&Rs to allow the HOA to direct a portion ($300) of all new home sale fees to the SunBird Golf (SBG) Club did pass. Thanks to the HOA and all the current homeowners who supported this effort.

Below is notable news that came out of the April 6 executive meeting:

1. Jack Cooper is setting up an annual Riggs Road Cup Tournament with Springfield, that includes a traveling cup/trophy. The kickoff event will be this May (details on the bulletin board).

2. The very tentative Fall 2021/Winter 2022 Men’s Club schedule is posted. This is subject to change, for better or worse, as the COVID issue changes.

3. The SBG Board has reached an agreement with Richie Vaia to operate the food hut, Richie V’s Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, between holes 9 and 10. The lease arrangement generates income directly to SGC. The menu will include Italian beef sandwiches and Italian ice. Please support Richie V’s!

Sandbaggers Roll Call:

We were finally able to get in one tournament for the season on March 26, the Men’s Club Championship combined with a Step Aside with the ladies. The tournament included a catered BBQ lunch by the driving range. The golfing was fun, weather good (mid 60s with sun and, of course, some wind), and all the participants agreed that the food was delicious.

Awards were given out after lunch, none greater than the crowning of our new (now 4-peat) Club Champion Bob Gerber.

The coed Step Aside game had several winners, Gross and Net. Here are the results by flight (if any names are misspelled or you cannot figure out gender, it is not my fault—this is how it was passed on to me):

Gross Results:

1. Cooper/Schaeffer/Eppinga/Jones – 55

2. Onyx/Gilmore/Lepore/Onyx – 60

3. Vig/Brockish/Brockish/Ott – 61

4. Fraga/Loren Wallace/Dennis Knight/Wulfekuhler – 62

5. Ketchum/Terry/Albright/Joan Leeper – 63

Net Results:

1. Hunt/Olsen/Arnold/Hunt – 51

2. Dawson/Robinson/Dolwick/Robinson – 52

3. Walker/Dunbar/Carrel/Prichard – 53

4. Gerber (Bob and Joyce)/Cheryl Moore/Garmeson – 54

5. Connie Franklin/Richardson/Bennett/Muyres – 55

Lucky/Skilled Shots:

Finally, there is something to report regarding a Men’s Ace in our community. Steve Cockrell recorded his first hole-in-one on March 8 on hole 17. Steve contends it was a beautiful, one-bounce and roll-in shot with his pitching wedge. Those of us who have golfed with Steve before are thinking more along the lines of a “no pictures on the scorecard” type of shot. Either way, congratulations, Steve. You have one more ace than I do!