Meet Your Neighbors

Patrick and Barbara Cunningham

1816 E. Torrey Pines Lane

Hometown/State: Kansas City, Missouri

Patrick and Barbara have been married 30 years and have 1 child. They enjoy golf.

Jan Phillips (Patsy Modlins, roommate)

1812 E. Peach Tree Drive

Hometown/State: Latrobe, Pennsylvania/Littleton, Colorado

Jan is divorced and has two children. Her interests include golf, pickleball and real estate.

Jit S. and Evelyn M. Pegany

6931 S. Sundown Drive

Hometown/State: Phoenix, Arizona

Jit and Evelyn have been married 63 years and have three children. Jit is a professional engineer (civil). Rev./Dr. Jit S. Pegany (available for service)

Barbara Camamo

1812 E. Palm Beach Drive

Hometown/State: Ft. Dodge, Iowa

Barbara is a widow and has three children. She enjoys reading.

John and Linda Anderson

6299 S. Championship Drive

Hometown/State: Fountain Hills

John and Linda have been married 12 years and have six children.

Warren A. Taylor

6885 S. Oakmont Drive

Hometown/State: Caldwell, Idaho

Married for 26 years, Warren has three children. His interests include ancestry, family and photography.

Kathy Golden

1696 E. Lindrick Drive

Hometown/State: Denver, Colorado

Kathy has one child. She enjoys golf, tennis, karate and pool.

Jean and Michael Jump

1784 e. Augusta Avenue

Hometown/State: Scotland (Jean), Illinois (Michael)

Jean and Michael have been married two years. Jean has three children and Michael has two children. They enjoy karaoke.