Meet The Board Candidates

The end of this year, the SunBird Golf Resort Homeowners Association will have two board of directors seats available. Two full three-year board terms are expiring Dec. 31. The two candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the three-year terms. Ballots will be mailed out to each homeowner mid-October. Candidates will be advertised in the SunBird News, SunBird website, e-blast, and on a bulletin board display in the clubhouse. Please read and become familiar with the candidates, as they have offered to dedicate their time and service to the community. The ballot deadline for voting will be Nov. 15. To meet quorum requirements, at least 10% of the membership must vote. If you have any questions, please contact the SunBird office.

Dan Buescher

Dan Buescher

I have served on the SunBird Board of Directors for the past three years without a personal agenda. I have partnered with my peers to accomplish the following highlights:

1.) Authored and supported the CC&R change to allow the HOA to fund an account that could be used to assist the golf course. We also managed the processes required to get the change to a vote, and we saw an overwhelmingly large pass.

2.) Followed the processes to get the PPP loan during the COVID-19 shutdowns to help keep our staff employed.

3.) Participated in decisions surrounding COVID-19 and took action to keep our residents safe.

I have been the liaison for the Project Review and Planning Committee. As the liaison, I have helped to facilitate the window/door replacements, handrails, clubhouse redecoration, parking expansion, concrete pads, awnings, patio lighting, and ballroom chair replacement, just to name a few of our projects. I consistently met my goals and want to continue moving SunBird forward.

I had a successful small business background in the Seattle area prior to my retirement. I am proud of this community and fully support our amazing HOA. I look forward to this opportunity to serve the community.

Dirk Close

Dirk Close

I am currently serving a one-year position as an HOA board member of SunBird Golf Resort. I feel I have been a committed and valuable member of the HOA.

I’ve resided in SunBird since January 2015. In SunBird, I’ve been involved with pool volleyball (currently president), pickleball, golf, Irish Club (currently treasurer), trivia, music trivia, and corn toss baseball. I have just finished my third year on the Architectural Control Committee and currently serve as chairman.

I have also served on the HOA Special Projects Committee. SunBird is a great community, and I look forward to continuing to help keep it that way. SunBird has a great future ahead of it, and I want to have an active part in that future.

I worked 37 years at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and IMF in Bremerton, Wash., before retiring in January of 2011. Primary job was a Project Superintendent for Nuclear Aircraft Carrier maintenance at the Shipyard, as well as in San Diego, Calif., and Yokosuka, Japan.

Lyman Warnock

Lyman Warnock

I have lived in SunBird since 2017 after relocating to Arizona for work. Since then, after 40 years, I have retired from UA Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, a local with over 4,000 members in Tualatin, Ore., but remain an active member.

In 1992, joined the Local Pension Fund Board of Trustees, for which I served 20 years. As a Trustee, I helped create, implement, and manage a $500 million trust and oversaw the group of attorneys, trust administrators, and actuaries who were responsible in helping to manage this fund. I also helped create a 401(k) Trust plan from scratch for our members.

In 2006, I was elected to be a member of the Union Executive Board. As a member for six years, I helped oversee the financial affairs of the Union. This included approving leases, maintenance, and updates of buildings owned by the local. The board was also responsible for enforcing the local and international Union rules and regulations governing the Local members and contractors. Participated in various charitable activities on behalf of the E-board.

I am committed to help maintain and revitalize SunBird while finding innovative ways to minimize the costs to our residents.

Your neighbor,

Lyman Warnock