Manager’s Report

Where is everyone going? The weather is terrific here and some of our residents start leaving to go to their summer residences. This has been a very eventful and exciting season with many fun filled activities and events. Even though about half of the SunBird population leaves for the summer and another quarter of them travel for two or three months, the planning, improvements and work continue at SunBird.

The Board of Directors and management take field trips occasionally to other communities similar to SunBird to meet with the management and Board members to tour their facilities and observe their operations. The purpose of these is to learn and gather ideas of what other communities’ operations, facilities, trends and success are experiencing. This will assist the SunBird Board and management for new ideas of ways of improving current services and operations.

The demolition and construction of the Clubhouse swimming pool permits have been obtained and work begins May 1 and should be completed August 31. The Luau Dinner, hula and fire dancers were the perfect party and celebration for start of the draining of the pool that evening. A countdown was held and the drain pump turned when “0” was reached to drain the water. All of the concrete decking, pool shotcrete and some retaining walls and two ramp ways will be removed. It is anticipated that Waterview Drive located behind the Clubhouse may be closed for a short period of time to allow large equipment trucks and tractors to operate freely without endangering normal traffic. During this time of construction the Springfield community has graciously opened their swimming pool to SunBird residents. To enter the Springfield community, please use the McQueen Road entrance and check in at the guard house with your SunBird ID card for entrance. Please respect this offer by Springfield of using only their swimming pool and use courtesy to represent SunBird well.

This summer the Clubhouse Ballroom flat roof and post office/maintenance building roofs will have major scheduled maintenance. The Ballroom flat roof will have a new covering layered over the existing surface to extend the life of the roof and help seal it from water intrusion. The post office/maintenance building roof will have the existing tiles removed and a new underlayment installed and then replace the existing roof tiles. These projects have been scheduled for years and will be funded from the replacement savings account.

Also this summer, many sections of SunBird have routine road maintenance work including crack sealing and seal coating that will be scheduled. Some sections of roads will be reviewed for other types of work. This work is following the plan of the road maintenance schedule and will also be funded from the replacement savings account. More information will be forthcoming as we begin soliciting bids from qualified contractors and planning around the pool construction work.

The Project Review and Long Range Planning Committee has had some special projects approved for this summer including tiling the exterior of the Ballroom walkway to improve the aesthetics of this area. Additional surveillance cameras will be installed in and around the Clubhouse. The small or laundry room swimming pool area has had a make-over recently to bring some color and décor to this area. Installing an automatic door opener for the west end of the Clubhouse is making this more accessible for those with disabilities.

Many thanks to all the individuals, clubs and organizations who do so much for the betterment of SunBird. The SunBird Kare Bears donated a generous $3,000 for additional security cameras for the Clubhouse. They also donated an additional $260 and the German Club $50 towards fish recently stocked in the lake just south/west of the Clubhouse for recreational fishing. The SunBird Canadian Club donated $550 to purchase additional outdoor table and chairs for the south balcony of the Horizon Room. The annual SunBird Rummage Sale of all donations made $3,808.25.

SunBird is a great place because of the people! Enjoy the great weather wherever you are!