Manager’s Report – October 2014

Heavy rain caused flooding in SunBird.

Heavy rain caused flooding in SunBird.

The monsoon storms of high winds, dirt and quick heavy down pours of rain started officially rolling through SunBird these past couple months causing some damage to the Clubhouse facilities and homes.

Early morning on September 8 it rained nearly five and one-half inches within a six-hour period at SunBird and throughout the Valley causing flooding all in certain areas. Many local roads and freeways were closed in areas with major flooding. The SunBird Golf Course also acts as water retention, for rain water was completely full of water run-off in some sections. Water collecting in the roads in some areas of SunBird was nearly two feet deep. At this time, another rain storm is forecasted to arrive within the next couple days as of the date of preparing this report.

On Monday, August 11 a strong storm hit SunBird causing damage to some SunBird homes and the Clubhouse. The flat roof over the Ballroom had a 26’ by 20’ section blow off due to the high winds, and some roof tiles also dislodged falling onto and breaking a section of hand railing below surrounding the new Sunrise Court area. The swimming pool area was completely trashed with debris; pool furniture all over, umbrellas destroyed and a total mess. Driving through SunBird, landscape and other debris was found everywhere from homes and common areas. Roof shingles, sunscreens, patio furniture, fallen trees and broken branches were scattered all over the roads, yards and open areas.

Late last year we had some flooding in the Clubhouse due to blockages in main drain pipes that caused damage to the Pro Shop, hallway and Fitness Room. This occurred multiple times over a two month period. The Clubhouse drain pipes were all physically inspected and checked with special cameras that go into the pipes. It was found that many sections needed replacement due to the age of the building. In August the Clubhouse was closed for three days to have a plumbing contractor remove and replace the main drain pipes on the west side of the building where the majority of pipes are deteriorating. The replacement project went very well and the condition of the pipes removed were in worse condition than originally assessed.

Also, with the Clubhouse being closed for maintenance, the Ballroom wood floor was stripped down to the wood, treated, sealed and waxed several times giving it a brand new look for the many activities and dances hosted throughout the year. The upper level rooms of the Clubhouse with vinyl floors were also treated, sealed and waxed. The Horizon Room wood bar top still under warranty was refinished on site with a stronger enamel to minimize the knicks and wear to the finish. Every room of the Clubhouse has been thoroughly cleaned, with touched-up painting, minor repairs and carpet cleaning preparing for the high season. Additional surveillance cameras have also been installed in the throughout the Clubhouse to areas of vulnerability to help with compliance and monitoring.

Additional exterior decorative lighting has been installed around the north/front section of the Clubhouse. These lights highlight the SunBird sign on the Clubhouse, palm trees and water fountain, creating an improved exterior ambiance at the Clubhouse. The west driveway into the cart parking area at the Clubhouse has been extended to allow increased access for vehicles and delivery trucks into this area.

This summer SunBird has developed a new e-mail newsletter summary and special notice process. An e-mail was sent out mid-August regarding the strong monsoon storm that hit SunBird casing damage to the Clubhouse and some homes. If you are not receiving these e-mails, please go to our website at and register at the top of the first page by clicking on the little monkey (chimp) icon and following the directions. Due to the large number of SunBird e-mails addresses that are sent out to the community, if you have a spam blocker or an e-mail filter, these e-mails may not be received by you. Check with your e-mail service provider if would like to allow these SunBird e-mails to pass through your e-mail spam, filter or blocker program to become updated with special SunBird notices and current news items. This will allow SunBird to improve communications and the speed of such to community.

It has been a busy summer with many improvement projects focusing mainly on the Clubhouse. SunBird’s Clubhouse was constructed 27 years ago and is still the crowning jewel of the community. It is important to keep it maintained at a high level and modern with equipment and décor insuring SunBird continues to be a great place to stay for now and many years to come.