Manager’s Report – March 2015

It’s hard to believe that this is the peak of the high season with March being the busiest month of the year for events and activities. SunBird has activities for everyone. It is an awesome sight to drive to the Clubhouse with the amazing views almost every day and see all the people enjoying the various activities with the beautiful weather and facilities. Stay up to date with all that’s going on by reading the SunBird News, checking our SunBird website, e-mails and postings in the Clubhouse. We appreciate all the clubs, organizations and staff who make SunBird an active and fun community.

The Horizon Room has been very popular this year with great service and food overseen by restaurant manager Julie Mathis, kitchen manager Octavio “Izzie” Duran and all the staff. Big thanks go to Julie and her staff. Many, many positive compliments have been received on the friendly atmosphere and good food. Come check out the new menu that was just completed in February. Trivia night continues to be a huge success on Wednesday nights. Monday nights are now Build your own Burger Night. Thursday night dinners and the Sunday breakfast buffet are also very popular with large crowds. If you or your club is considering a monthly social, birthday or anniversary party or for any other occasion, please consider having it catered by the Horizon Room staff. We can accommodate any size for any occasion.

By the time this edition of the SunBird News is delivered to the residents of SunBird, the deadline for the CC&R proposed revision absentee ballots will have ended. Any ballots that have not been cast may be cast at the annual membership meeting on Monday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m. in the Ballroom. Each home/lot owner is permitted to vote once and verification is made of each ballot cast. A committee will count and tally the votes and the results are anticipated to be announced at this meeting.

Regardless of the outcome of the voting results, it is recognized that some may be pleased and others may be disappointed. We live in a democracy where we can vote and voice our opinions on certain matters where the majority rules. Whatever the outcome, SunBird is known for and will continue to be known as a friendly place to live. Let’s look forward to another great year and keep SunBird the best it can be!