Manager’s Report, June 2020

During this time of uncertainty due to the pandemic, safety and prevention has caused many changes for everyone in our daily routines. We have had many questions from residents of “why? when? and what if?” Without all of the answers, SunBird has been paying close attention to state and national leaders and professional health organizations for guidance. Last month (May), Arizona State Governor Doug Ducey addressed the state with the latest reports and statistics regarding the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Governor Ducey also extended the “Stay at Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” order from the April 30 deadline to May 15. He further reported that Arizona has been doing a good job of minimizing the spread of disease by following these orders and that directives will be provided soon to businesses to begin opening before the end of May.

SunBird has a high-risk population, and we want to be responsible and do our part to comply with the efforts to reduce the spread of any disease. At SunBird, like everywhere, we have many differing views on how things should be restricted or not restricted. SunBird has developed some preliminary phases for each of the facilities and services that SunBird offers with expectation that, at some point, additional direction will be provided so we may begin to open cautiously and in phases. We are anticipating, preparing, and are excited to open when that time is determined.

We understand that opening in phases, or whatever the mandates will be, is or will not be ideal for everyone, as many have varying health conditions. It will be a start. We also anticipate that many will want to visit the clubhouse and our other facilities to socialize and to get together again immediately. When this time comes, your cooperation is being strongly encouraged to only visit the administrative office if necessary. Many business items with the office can be done online through our website and email, over the telephone, and through our drop boxes located outside the clubhouse main door and a drive-up box by the post office. As time moves forward and new direction is provided (hopefully continued good news), we will continue to plan for the reopening in phases with less restrictions and protocols.

SunBird has already made the following changes:

• More hand sanitation stations have been ordered and will be installed throughout the clubhouse.

• More disinfectant hand wipe stations for wiping tables, chairs, and surfaces have been ordered for each room.

• Protective plexiglass sneeze guards or shields have been installed in the restaurant, and others are ordered for the office, post office, and other areas.

• Signage is installed at all main entryways to the clubhouse to remind everyone to stay home if sick or immune system is compromised, to keep social distancing, observe good health etiquette, and to wash hands often.

• Distancing floor markers are installed where lines of people normally form.

• Employees are staying home if sick, washing hands very regularly, not making any physical contact with each other or guests while at work (shaking hands, hugs, high fives, fist bumps, etc.) and following the orders to stay home and use good healthy practices when not at work.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts and patience during this unprecedented period of time. Let’s all join together in doing our part to minimize and prevent the spread of disease, that way we can help speed the efforts to returning back to “normal.”