Manager’s Report April 2020

It’s hard to believe the high season of SunBird has already peaked. This has been by far the busiest season at SunBird with activities and events! The tribute/cover bands shows have been amazing this year, many new, bigger, live bands for dances, bus trips from the clubhouse to many fun and interesting places throughout the state, and all of the other numerous activities and events. What a great sight to come to the clubhouse area and see all the many people enjoying the facilities and amenities each day!

The annual membership meeting was conducted at the clubhouse on March 2 with approximately 250 residents in attendance. Directors Shirley Clark and Gordon Lee were greatly honored and appreciated with beautiful Crystal Awards for their years of dedication and service to SunBird, as both of their terms were completed. All committees gave reports of their accomplishments for the past year and plans for the upcoming year. The independent financial auditor, Paul Hansen, CPA, reported the results of the audit and issued a “Clean Opinion” (highest rating) for the 2019 financial year. Treasurer Tammy Bachofner reported on the financial status of SunBird for 2019; $2,763,796 total revenue, $2,572,084 total expense, resulting in a revenue over expense of $191,712. Revenue over expense plus depreciation expense (non-current year cash expense) totaled $454,250. This amount was projected and budgeted to be added and/or used to SunBird’s savings and improvement accounts. Copies of the 2019 official audit, pie charts of revenue, expenses, and the allocation of the annual dues are available at the office and are published on SunBird’s website. The Manager’s report specified the various saving accounts for future facility updates, repairs, equipment replacement, and improvement projects. Keeping facilities maintained and updated through proper planning and savings is key to the success of our community. President Nancy Eckstein reported on some of the accomplishments for the year, highlighting the clubhouse remodeling project. She also recognized Linda DiPalma, Jane Sirois, Billy Ley, and Joe Hart with the coveted “Gold Brush” awards. Together, with the maintenance staff, these four residents volunteered well over 100 hours each and painted the interior of the entire clubhouse. Great appreciation was expressed to each and all of the individual committees, clubs, and organizations that are a tremendous part of making SunBird a great place.

SunBird block parties have increased significantly this year due to the efforts of the Welcoming and Marketing Committee. Nearly half of the neighborhoods have had block parties this year. These are a great way to get to know your neighbors, build good friendships, and increase safety and security. If your neighborhood has not had a party, get together with some of your neighbors and plan one. If not for this season, schedule it for next fall or next year. It can be simple and very rewarding. Our goal is for every neighborhood/block to have a party sometime this year. Let’s party!

In 2019, SunBird had over 129 home sales with home values reaching record highs. A survey of these new homeowners indicated that the majority learned of SunBird from family or friends. New SunBird informational brochures are in the process of being updated and completed soon. Stop by the office to take one to share with an interested or potential buyer of SunBird. Oftentimes someone may ask, “Where do you stay for the winter?” or “Where do you live?” We encourage everyone to pick up a few SunBird pass-along cards at the clubhouse to keep in your purse or wallet to share with friends, family, or for people you meet. This is a great way to show off and promote SunBird.

It has been a wonderful season again at SunBird! We truly appreciate all the efforts by many, many people who help SunBird continue to be a fantastic place to live! Thank you!