Manager’s Report April 2020

So much has changed in just a matter of a weekend here at SunBird and globally. It has been almost as though someone has literally flipped a light switch from the “on” position to completely “off.” SunBird, a couple of months ago, was at full throttle in the peak of the high season with events, shows, and all sorts of recreational activities. And then all of the sudden, everything was canceled, closed, and silent. The clubhouse and recreational facilities are so lonely and quiet. This was a disappointing way to finish the season with all the fun and excitement we were all having. We are sorry and sad that many people, understandably, had to leave SunBird immediately without a chance to say goodbye.

However, we also completely understand the COVID-19 virus pandemic that has been sweeping through the world and affecting many people has changed the way we conduct our daily lives. As global, national, and local government leaders and healthcare officials provide mandates and prevention methods, SunBird has followed their counsel and regulations. At SunBird, the clubhouse and all recreational facilities were closed March 15 and all activities and events suspended (except for golf course, post office, and laundry room). As new information has developed and continues to develop from that time, the initial information provided to close SunBird facilities from two weeks has now been extended at this time to indefinitely.

Although the clubhouse, facilities, and activities have been closed and/or suspended, we have been using alternative ways to have fun and share as a community. Our SunBird email blast has had interesting pictures submitted from SunBird residents showing what they are doing at home during this time: cooking and baking delicious foods, exercising, crafts and other art work, playing musical instruments, cleaning, and much more. We initiated some other fun events to be conducted from your home driveway for people to get out (yet social distancing) and see their neighbors and friends. We have also been a part of and have heard of many residents involved in acts of kindness to help those in SunBird who need a little lift: food delivered, toilet paper, help with exterior house work, and other helpful tasks. We appreciate all those who have helped and volunteered to assist those needing a helpful hand at this time. This is what truly makes SunBird a great place to live!

What’s been going on at the clubhouse? The clubhouse has been completely cleaned and sanitized multiple times. Every chair (over 1,000), every table (around 150), all surfaces, restrooms, showers, exercise equipment, carpets and flooring, window, patios, pool furniture, elevator, and much more have received attention. Multiple hand sanitizing units have been installed throughout the clubhouse and protective clear dividers over the cashiers’ counter in the Horizon Room have also been installed.. Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing, improved prevention standards for employees, and additional measures to follow CDC guidelines have been put into place. The Maricopa County Environmental Services Food and Swimming Pool Division recently conducted a routine inspection of the food and beverage operation and swimming pools. After a full inspection, all of these facilities met the requirements and both the Horizon Room and ballroom kitchen operations were awarded an “A” rating. Good job!

During this time, restaurants are not permitted to allow dining in meals at their place of business. However, they are allowing and promoting “take-out” and “to-go” orders from restaurants. The Horizon Room began offering Friday Night Fish Fry “Take-Out” which has been a huge success. With this great response, we are now also providing “To Go” Tuesday Dinners. Watch the SunBird e-basts and website to see the weekly specials. The Horizon Room has received many positive compliments on this service and truly appreciates your support.

We are really looking forward to SunBird returning back to the vibrant community it was when we hear from our officials that it is safe. We wish each and all of you a safe and healthy summer.