Manager’s Report

Layne Varney

It’s hot! Temperatures are nearing record-breaking consecutive daily highs of over 110 degrees. The monsoon season is officially already here with no storms as of yet. The weather forecast indicates that the storms are on their way.

This past month, the emergency automated vehicle entrance gate at Cooper and Waterview drive was officially set into operation. A short ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted with the Lions Club, SunBird Board of Directors, and Planning Committee members. The City of Chandler Fire Department made a very brief appearance in the big red fire truck. Just as they arrived, they were dispatched to an active emergency, having to leave immediately. Fire Station No. 7, located on Gilbert and Riggs Roads just behind the Albertson’s grocery store, is the station assigned to the SunBird community, located just one mile away. Depending on the fire department’s location at the time of receiving a dispatch call, they will now have the option to enter through all vehicle gates into SunBird. Each of the entrance gates into SunBird is now equipped with a TOMAR sensor system, which detects the special strobe pattern of emergency response vehicles that automatically opens the gates. This new system will reduce the response time to several hundreds of homes located in the northeast section of SunBird. We want to thank the board of directors, Planning Committee, SunBird Patrol, and all those who made this update possible. We especially want to recognize and appreciate the SunBird Lions Club for fully funding this $10,385.82 project. Last, but not least, we appreciate our first responders, and especially the City of Chandler Fire Department Station No. 7 for their care and service to SunBird.

SunBird’s ballroom is one of the largest in the immediate area, with a good-sized stage and arguably the best hardwood dance floor. This summer, the ballroom has had many projects completed, and some are still in the works to keep this facility in good order. The flat roof was cleaned, treated, and resealed; large commercial air conditioner replaced; wood stage cabinets repaired and re-stained; electrical work to update the circuits; and storage rooms and areas completely cleaned out and reorganized. The ballroom is now closed for most of the month of August for work and waxing of the hardwood floor. Soon the ballroom will be filled again with premier shows and exciting events.

Over the past few years, SunBird has been updating the safety and emergency equipment for the clubhouse and area. First aid kits, defibrillators, a battery back-up system for the elevator, and back-up lighting have been updated and installed throughout exit areas of the clubhouse. Emergency telephones, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, and fire suppression systems have always been in the clubhouse and are inspected regularly for operation and code compliance. Recently, the emergency evacuation plan for the clubhouse and each room has been updated, indicating the quickest route out of the building and the location of emergency items for quicker access. Hopefully, these precautions will never need to be used. It is much better to be prepared than not.

During this the hottest time of year, we have many service workers and contractors who work outside in the extreme heat to keep things looking nice and in good working order. We want to express our appreciation to all of those employees and contractors who endure working in these conditions to keep SunBird a comfortable place to live.