Manager’s Report

It has been a strange beginning of the year with the unusually cooler than normal weather and seemingly constant wind. Summer seemed to be knocking on the door, teasing with warmer weather and then leaving again with cooler temperatures going up and down. We will see if it goes zero to 100 real quick, like the flip of a switch.

SunBird’s biggest spring fling outdoor event of the year, “Neon Lights,” was hosted on April 1 with well over 1,000 people in attendance. The area around the clubhouse was blocked off for this annual event. Food trucks were preparing and serving food from the clubhouse parking lot. The six-member Dina Preston world-traveling band was performing live music from the outdoor stage. People brought their own chairs and gathered around with friends and neighbors to eat, have fun, enjoy the music, and dance in the streets. This was an excellent event, ending the stay at SunBird for the season for some residents, and guests began preparing to leave for the summer. We appreciate all those who were involved with helping to make this possible. We especially thank the many Arizona Rangers for providing security and patrol services. Last but not least, we want to thank SunBird’s very own Lifestyle Director Wendy Armijo for orchestrating this event and all of our many activities.

This past month, all during the same time one evening at the clubhouse, bean bag baseball team championship games were held in the back two-thirds of the ballroom, with people having a great time playing and cheering on their teams in the championship finales. The front section of the ballroom at the same time had the cardio drumming fitness class in session, having fun exercising while beating the yoga balls with drum sticks. Outside under the covered patio were other groups socializing and eating dinner. The Horizon Room had a nice crowd of people enjoying good food and watching a beautiful sunset. The swimming pool was full of people exercising, relaxing, and having fun. This is how all of the SunBird facilities and amenities are intended to be used.

SunBird’s largest asset is the beautiful, multi-use clubhouse. This year, the clubhouse was visited and used more than any other previous year. Maintenance and improvements are constantly in the works to keep the clubhouse in great operating condition. Plans for this year include replacing a large commercial air conditioner located above the clubhouse ballroom, continuing a phase of replacing a section of windows at the clubhouse with dual-paned glass, continue replacing the balcony rails around for the sunrise court section, resurface the ballroom flat roof, treat and re-seal ballroom hardwood floor, clean carpets, seal balcony decks and stairways, repair and replace rain gutters, and other clubhouse projects.

It’s hard to believe that the season has already peaked with activity and events. Some residents have or are already preparing to leave for the summer. It seems as though everyone just arrived and we have only just gotten started. Whatever the plans are, we wish everyone safe and healthy travels to wherever their planned destination is. For those who are staying in SunBird for the summer, bring on the heat, and let’s continue having a good time.