Manager’s Report

The holiday season and Clubhouse decorations were fabulous this year. We appreciate all those who volunteered their time and talents to make this so wonderful. Not only was the Clubhouse decorated “over-the-top” but many SunBird homes and yards were very exceptional this year. Next year we are forming a group to review, judge and award yards and homes that go over the top with decorations. We look forward to another festive year.

Over the past couple of years considerable efforts have been made to update and improve the appearance of the Clubhouse facilities and exterior of the Clubhouse. The new enlarged and upgraded swimming pool, decorative exterior tile installed around the exterior entrances and balconies of the Clubhouse, new LED exterior lighting and fresh landscaping installed around the Clubhouse. Over the next couple of years improvement projects will also include focusing on the interior of the Clubhouse. New flooring is scheduled for 2017, painting and other projects will begin this summer and other ideas of decor and improvements will be considered to continue keep SunBird’s Clubhouse one of the best.

2015 had nearly 130 home sales in SunBird which is the most annual sales since the year 2007. The common comments received by these new SunBird residents on why they choose SunBird are the friendly people, affordable area, many social and recreational activities, Clubhouse and facilities and the great weather (summer temperatures are arguable). With the increased number of new SunBird residents, we want to make sure they feel welcomed and have an opportunity to learn more about the community and operations. A new owner welcome breakfast will be hosted several times through the year for this very purpose. Board members, management and various others will be invited to introduce all that SunBird has to offer and get to know our new neighbors even better.

This past year the Horizon Room food and beverage sales and support have been like no other previous year with record breaking sales, participation and patronage. In previous years, goals and objectives were set to create a fun social atmosphere, provide good food and good service. These goals were rapidly achieved this past year and have grown quicker than any expectation. As the level of service, quality of food and fun activities in the Horizon Room have increased, so have the expenses of the operation. One of the goals of the Board and management this year will be to review the sales and related expenses for improving operating efficiencies, along with determining how best to meet homeowner expectations of maintaining a high quality, fun, and progressive place to live.

With the many home sales we want to continue the efforts with making SunBird as appealing and attractive to home buyers as possible and keep our sense of community pride. With recent Clubhouse, recreational and restaurant upgrades, we want to keep the enthusiasm going. Word of mouth is one of the greatest marketing tools. Many homeowners in SunBird bought their home due to learning about the community from a friend, family member or associate from someone already owning a SunBird home. Let’s keep this trend going as it is the most effective tool and a great way to bring more of your friends and family into a great community.

Keep spreading the good word!