Manager’s Report

Happy New Year! Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2022 has come and gone so quickly and 2023 is already here. SunBird has had several excellent holiday events and activities this past month and is just getting started for this new year. Several recreational and sport leagues, social groups, and classes are also getting ready to start for the season. Stay tuned with our routine SunBird e-basts and the SunBird website.

During the year 2022, several various maintenance and improvement projects were completed for the enhancement of our facilities, including: an additional phase of replacing a large section of upper-level clubhouse windows from single-paned to new dual-paned windows; installation of the outdoor stage and patio with refurbished landscaping and lighting in the area; replastering both the clubhouse and Oakmont swimming pools; many clubhouse interior upgrades were made with ceiling, lights, and sound system in the Horizon Room, new laundry room and restroom flooring, and more equipment at the clubhouse Fitness Room, Lapidary Room, Ceramics Room, and Multi-Purpose Room; and upgrades to most of the outdoor recreational facilities.

These maintenance and improvement projects were saved and paid for from the Reserve Fund and/or the Capital Improvement Fund. The Replacement Fund incorporates a list of several items, including equipment, buildings, and recreational facilities, projected over the next 20 years with life expectancy and future cost to replace each item. This also includes a savings project plan for 20 years to meet these future expenses. This account is funded primarily from two sources: 1) a portion of the existing annual homeowners dues, and 2) a portion of each home sales fee. The Replacement Fund is anticipated to have a 2022 year-ending balance of approximately $750,000 and is projected to have additional funding in 2023 of approximately $380,000. The Replacement Fund is a very important tool for the financial wellbeing of SunBird’s future, maintaining a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach.

The Capital Improvement Projects account is funded primarily from new home sales annually. These typically are new or upgraded project ideas that originate from homeowners, clubs, committees, staff, and from the study of other new or future needs. The Project Review and Planning Committee reviews and studies all of these ideas for merit and feasibility. After committee study, these ideas are submitted to the board of directors with a full report of cost, impact, and benefit to the community. If approved, these projects are assigned a priority rating and are implemented into the Capital Improvement project schedule as funds are, or will be, available during the next five years or greater. This fund and process is also a vital tool to properly prepare for technology changes, new or improved future facilities, streamlined or upgraded equipment, and other updated ideas to keep SunBird up to date and modern. Keeping SunBird facilities in good shape is important to meeting the needs for residents today and tomorrow.

This time of year, we look forward to the many festivities and celebrations, both in and outside of SunBird. Let’s always be thankful for our families, friends, and people around us. We are all so fortunate to have the many freedoms and luxuries of life. We sincerely wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year!