Manager’s Report

The high season is in full swing here at SunBird, and the weather is terrific, although we have had a couple of late monsoon-type dust storms. We are so glad to have, and we welcome back many residents who have been away for the summer and even longer. During the month of November, we have had many activities, including a wonderful Veterans Day service, Community Garage Sale, SunBird’s 24th Community Day, fun bingo, fame trivia, live music events, Halloween party, Sunday Fun Day football parties, an outdoor music festival, and much more. Coming up over the next several months are even more and new activities, including a live popular TV-type gameshow night held in the ballroom, with contestants selected from the audience, and a variety of new tribute bands scheduled for each month until May. Get ready to have a blast!

SunBird’s website has been updated and is updated regularly. Check our website to find out the latest news and information of what’s going on in SunBird. SunBird’s activities, meetings, calendars, clubs, groups, and organizations have contact information that can be accessed at The SunBird website has great information about SunBird and, most of all, the applications and forms needed. Come visit us.

It has been an extremely busy year with several large improvement and maintenance projects taking place within SunBird. Working with various contractors on these has been challenging with the continued labor shortages and high demand of work needed in Arizona. Manufacturers, shipping, deliveries, and service contractors are overwhelmed with the amount of work, causing delays in scheduling, ordering, and completing projects. “We are Hiring,” “We are experiencing an extreme shortage of staff and appreciate your patience during this time,” and “Please be kind to the employees who reported to work today” notices are posted at almost every business establishment around. It’s a very strange period of time in the workforce for both keeping and finding employees. The workforce challenge has also continued to complicate the supply chain issues. As we learned firsthand this past summer with concrete, plaster, handrails, lapidary and ceramic equipment, commercial air conditioner units, sound system equipment, CO2 supply for fountain drinks, and other commercial equipment that has been difficult to find and slow to be delivered. As the supply has decreased and/or is slow in delivery with high cost of fuel and labor increasing, has caused most, if not all, areas of expense to rise.

New outdoor stage and patio area project was not entirely completed before the Nov. 12 music festival as scheduled. Two 15 feet by 15 feet shade structures to cover the stage with lights were ordered over six months ago and have not been fabricated, delivered, or installed as contracted. Some temporary lighting and safety modifications were made to the new outdoor stage and patio area to let the show go on. The show did absolutely go on with a little line dancing, good food, fun neighbors and friends, great music, and dancing in the streets. During the music festival, Maintenance Manager John Smith, who has just retired this past September, was recognized for his 25 years of service to SunBird. We truly appreciate John for his dedication and efforts in keeping SunBird a great place during his tenure.

This time of year, we look forward to the many festivities and celebrations, both in and outside of SunBird. Let’s always be thankful of our families, friends, and people around us. We are all so fortunate to have the many freedoms and luxuries of life. We sincerely wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season and a happy new year!